Lunart Studios is our independent team, we have been crafting the World of Mistia for a year now.
We have always had love and passion for video games, especially those that had, and still have, great stories to tell.



Mistia - The Kingdom of Krasten

Such nice graphics!!! The mapping is amazing!!! The story is interesting, but most of all I like this:

Our intent remains, however, to give life to a story that can make the players feel like they are part of it right from the start, based on a compelling and exciting narrative, with complex music and sounds, several different characters, locations and secondary quests that will make players fall in love with the game world.

I will be awaiting 2021 with much more pleasure now! And like Nobody, I am gonna play the demo asap. Continue with the great work!

Thank you very much! It is really nice to receive compliments after all the work done to create this demo.
We look forward to hearing your feedback.

If you like our project, we just kindly ask you to help us with our kickstarter to support our work, otherwise we might have to abandon the project. It's a huge job to do, and unfortunately we can't do it for free. We have to dedicate at least 6 hours of work per day for next year to get it out.

But it's not a problem if you can't help us, we already thank you for dedicating your time to the demo. It is ok to just help us share the project and make it known to other people :)

Mistia - The Kingdom of Krasten

Thank you! Let us know what you think after you try it.
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