The Screenshot Topic Returns

Atleast the trial, but they VXA still need more later T^T

Fanart Collection

I like Marian smile in Ninamo-chan art, it's so ...evil?

Few Change

Well I think I have more fun after I decided to change it, I don't have anymore restriction when I put something in the game.


I'm finished week ago and get Katherine Ending in easy mode, kind a frustrating when I stuck in some area especially when fight the boss.

It's nice game but I don't want to play it again to get Catherine ending.

Hide your lolis

Are you KreadEX from Ibuki Suika fansclub?
Welcome anyway ~3~/

New Monster

I also only see the No Image icon in this thread, I thought that is normal.
The third character is Ryuna, Nina is the on in the middle.

New Monster

Thx XD
Yep sound effect and the animation still using RTP and i didn't have time to match it with the battler movement so it do sound out of place, I will changed it later.

w Review

This is called the FFXIII storytelling technique.

Really suck technique if I must said.

2010 Misao Winners

Didn't Salerius released two episode of Vacant Sky in 2010? It's no wonder if Vacant Sky get a lot a vote since it's worth for 2 game (act 2 and 3)

Need Proofreader help.

Okay, someone already helped me so mod can close this thread.
Thank you