The rarest of the gems

I remember Beloved Rapture from a very old demo. Plot really seemed interesting. (I usually like different kingdoms and war and stuff ... and then some deeper things happening in the background.) Looking forward to this and the full release.

Theia - I played it 1-2 years ago (most recent of the ones in this list) - and I also liked the plot. And lot's of stuff to do and different characters, etc.

Forever's End had nice gameplay and story. And enough stuff to do. Hopefully we'll get more of this.

Vacant Sky: I played the older version listed as "Original version". Here I usually do not like this type of setting ( if I remember correctly the world seemed a bit more modern-themed) but the story later ... was really great. Probably #2 in terms of story in this list of only five games. Some "Vol. 2" and... as RPG maker game ... would be nice.

Love and War: Act I probably the one where I liked the story and characters most. I also played only older versions of the Act 1 and I think a pretty long demo of Act 2. I really wish for this to get completed. Gameplay did not seem too interesting though. (At least in the old version I played.)

Not in this list - because not on rmn: Quintessence - The Blighted Venom: This was super great as well. (Unfortunately did not fully get finished.) Great sound and atmosphere and story and plot.


I just started playing this game - cause Kaempfer recommended it to me. (Unfortunately I did not like his game that much cause it has a different design approach regarding certain stuff where I'm very picky.)

Now ... for Villnoire I immediately started to like it. Currently I'm in Casanero.


Some minor flaws I noticed (might be a matter of taste tough - as with most stuff I guess):

The Alchemy system seems a bit boring and not really necessary. Yeah it looks nice. (Also nice dialogue. Everything looking really polished.) And it probably gives choice for the high level consumable items (if they aren't purchaseable directly later) if maybe the rare bottles are obtainable as limited (only from 1-time encounters) drops only + from the environment (sparkling effect to hint at hidden items) while the second compoment can be used as needed (to either make HP or SP potion or the 3rd type). Instead of using fixed types as rare drop - for the high end potion.

I think keeping it simpler would have worked as well - no Alchemy system and only normal potions + the rare ones as a limited drop (from bosses or chests).

Save points are okay - usually I prefer unllimited saving everywhere but since there are no random encounters (and normal mobs easy to avoid it seems) the save point approach is okay. Didn't like that after the save point befor a boss ... there sometimes was long dialogue. If you wanted to retry you had to click through the dialogue again.

Also at one point there was a save point ... then long dialogue ... and then it seems you continued fully healed (where I healed using potions - while the money does seem to be not too abundant).

In the ruins at Palmira island when you went to the office and got improsoned then.
I though there would be a boss. :D Not a big deal since I reloaded and did it again (without using potions ... had a 2nd save) and I still am good with the potions/money. (Actually I liked the starting part before you could shop the first time. Usually other games are too easy and I barely use any potions. Just healing spell + resting in the inn it usually is in other games.)


Plot-wise I'm really liking it so far. Constantly keeping me interested ... and wanting to know more. The setting with the other type of humans (druids with magic) - description describes it as 2 "races" - is interesting. Reminds me of some similar types of games and I usually like these types of story. The charaters also seem interesting.

Combat is fine - and easy/fast paced once you got a few more chars. (At the beginning and with limited heal items a bit tight there though.) Easy to figure out about the dark/holy elements and the skills and weaknesses (different colored names for the enemies). Also no "heal spam" possible because the spell poitns are rather tight and at the beginning you actually might use other skills instead of the healing ones - for the combat.

That is good. Easy (not soo many skills to learn it seems - as long as there aren't more hidden pages to that ability board later unlocked - which I guess isn't the case) but you still need to think/plan. Also there are that nice badges with special stuff.

And I like that chest collection bonus for collecting all chests. (Also nice to know that you got all the major stuff - with the chest counter and completion status at the save point where you get the info.)

Edit: I have fully played it now. Liked it. Not much more to add to the stuff I posted already above. Only some minor things:
I liked the plot and the ending. Though it seemed a bit weird that they just used the oldest (and probably physically weakest) guy to watch over Vorian after the party defeated him.

Was nice to have the plot a bit more "normal" - not too over the top with powerful fantasy stuff. Other plot writers might have given in to the temptation ... and added some other evil demon boss controlling the human guy. But here it really was just only Vorian. Liked this.

For the optional stuff I would have liked something "bigger". I don't know. I remember some games that have rare 100 percent protection against every negative status - but that would not have worked here I guess since status ailments did not play such a big role.

So ... just another badge for the last quiz. And some money and bottles for the item you could exchange. Funny though when I remember - if I remember correctly - that it started with just some apple. At least this made shopping pretty easy at the end. The item from the Maiden's temple as cool though. Seemed like some "ultimate armor" for one druid character.

One other thing: The tonics/syrup that heal all the characers for the amount of a medium sized tonic/syrup: They seemd pretty rare. I think I got only a few of such tonics and syrups from somewhere. And no unlimited method to obain them. Yet the alchemy system offers that shared tonic instead of the shared incense that is announced in the preview. This probably was not intended. Though I think it did not have that much impact - in the end there was enough money and other tonics. Only maybe in combat where it saves turns at a boss if you want to refill the points of the whole party.

Moonsong: First Verse

@Kaempfer: Thanks for the recommendation. I checked Villnoire out - and it seems more to my liking because the focus is on different stuff.

Moonsong: First Verse

Unfortunately I did not fully play it - but I'm pretty picky with maker games though. Usually only every few years there is one that I really like. But I guess that is understandable - considering that there there is a ton of work needed - usually only done by 1 person - to create such games. (Especially the logner ones - I like it long and in depth regarding the plot and characters.)

The plot at first seemed interesting. But when whe had to go back to the main city/capital it got boring for me. Also from one of the previous comments I got that this isn't even the full plot. (As the "first verse" probably indicates only part of it.)
It got annoying when we first had to use another ship in that first port town where we got ambused. I expected an ambush - and this was a bit interesting. But after that it just felt like there was another dungeon forced into this - with the tunnels. And I do not like the dungeons and combat too much. I just wanted to see more of the plot. Mabe politics a bit. And war. Maybe the king not believing us. Or stuff like that. Instead: In the other village that mine - another boring dungeon. Then instead of finally going to the capital ... the accident with the ship and the desert with sandstorms. Stopped playing there.

The dungeons seemed boring to me cause I usually do not like trash mobs with a boring combat system. While I'm not against random encounters here they seemed too happen often. (Well ... it it random. But getting annoying when you just have your generic dungeon and sometimes take a long walk without encounter. Then a few steps and there is another one. And to "flee" you have to go into combat doing it from some characters action not directly at the beginning.)

Would have preferred a puzzle dungeon. (There was onlyy boring one with a switch/lever at the beginning.) But instead only a few chests + boss. Nothing else. For puzzle dungeons and future reference: Here I recommend to not have random encounters then. The worst is to have to walk back and forth in a lengthy dungeon with puzzles and lots of areas where you have to figure out stuff ... when you want to focus on this but have random encounters there.

What I liked was the class/levelup system and the ability system and the different types of gear. Though - since I tried to do every random encounter I got into - I probably had a good level and in the end in combat it was not needed to plan enough. Just using some good gear and spamming skills. Even took a bit too long to me sometimes. Out of the default system I find this one with the bar below ... the least interesting. The ones where everyone takes an attack each turn (speed only determining order) feels faster/better to me. And the best is one with a bar with characters that take order in turns (the one with higher speed getting to attack more often).

Yeah: Ability system is the stuff I focus on the least - usually. That is why this itself (though I recognized the lot of effort put into this) was not enough to keep me playing until the end. Since I'm usually interested in plot the most - while enjoying puzzles. And combat focused dungeons with random encounters were not interesting to me cause I did not like the combat. (Prefer 1-round 1-button press trash mobs + an interesting boss fight instead of annoying trash mobs. Bosses seemed not too strong.)

Journey to the East

How to the choices in the proloque affect the later game? I guess not much since you can skip the proloque (then you won't even get the questions)?

Edit: Nevermind. Deleted the game. Isn't fun. I don't like if saving is locked only to certain save points. Plus the battles seemed too long and tedious. Always had to use heal items after a battle. And there seemed to be a lot of battles where "escape" was not possible. I played until the hut in some forest chapter 2 where a merchant was then I got bored.

Plot seemed okay. Usually I don't like if japanese names (or german stuff in the skill names) is used just to sound cool. But the background story hinted at and the quest log (updating frequently) - were good. Very good logging of quests and info.

But I just can't stand the gameplay. Since I prefer story I'd rather have some enter pressing combat system with super quick and easy fights and saving allowed everywhere. Harder/lengthier combat only if the system is fun and if I can save frequently. Might get tired at some point where it takes still some time until next save point available.

Beloved Rapture

Ah ... too bad I missed the kickstarter. Nice to see there is progress - and with the amount of money generated by kickstarter I guess it should be possible to finishe a nice game with good artwork and music.

I see my last comment here was 2014 ... and I have been "following" this game here for ages now. (Played a very old demo years ago.) Unfortunately I'm not logging in here a lot. And then I'm not reading much of the blog. Too lazy. (Too bad there is not more "action" in the comments here I mainly check those.)

Would be nice if there was a way to still pay/pre-order instead of the kickstarter. Then again I might just buy it once it got released. Since there should be enough money to finish it I guess it does not matter if I pay later.

Early access or stuff like that ... on steam ... would be nice. Or being able to support/pre-order via paypal. Doesn't need all the tiers available on kickstarter. Since don't have much money (but still like to pay for good games and advocate for more rpg makers games selling in steam instead of releasing for free) and about 20 Euros would be my maximum. 9 dollar goal seemed nice for me. Finished game could definitely be higher - if it is good. (There is a lot of competition and a lot of people don't seem to recognize good games. Worse stuff selling higher and better stuff struggling. But there still are steam sales, groupees/humble bundle - for later. And the option of a discount when it is new to get attention.)

The company that made Echoes of Aetheria and Skyborne have them at 14,99 at steam atm. Definitely looking a bit more forward to your game.

What was with the old kickstarter though? I saw there was some similar project from back then 2014 or so? I guess you didn't manage for personal reasons - or because you upgraded your goals so that money was not enough.

Edit: I found in some blog entry from 2018 here the mail list (newsletter) and subscribed. Hopefully this is still being used and I won't miss any important info again. Not much a fan of the social media that is used nowadays and RMN does not seem to offer an option to get mails on new blog entries for subscribed games.

Fun fact: I'm not following a lot of games on here. Only 11 and it seems Beloved Rapture was the first one I followed. I guess because of it I registered here back then 2009.

Love and War: Act I

I am still weak for this game.
Wish it gets a continuation.
Yeah ... I remember tons of years ago when I played the old style version of Act I and even some Beta or Demo of Act II in old style. And when I said years ago I'd wait a bit with playing the new version of Act I (still haven't played it :D) cause it would be too hard to finish it and then having to wait. ;)

This game + Forever's End (played at least 2 or 3 versions with different progress where the latest is the one available now) + Beloved Rapture (played some old demo years ago and liked it) are the games I'm really waiting for progress.

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

@teemor: It helps to read the text/dialogue carefully. I never had trouble knowing what to do next. (Only some hidden optional stuff I found from the guides - I would have missed that but noticed when Gaia shards would have been missing.)


I just finished the game. About 50 hours. (Yeah. I'm a bit slow. Already in early game I went back to every previous map still accessible once I got new chars with special skills - to look without guide for items/chests.)

Got almost everything S ranked. Even all the chests. I just left out the very last optional boss for the last trophy. Since all the other stuff was doable without beating him. Wasn't too much grind since the optional dungeon was fun as well and while doing the missions, hunts and Arena and upgrading weapons I already leveled and at some point everything had gotten easy.

I mainly used Seth, Martia, Rudra and Dael. Dael for heals. Martia for additional heals and revive and removing debuffs. Rudra for a bit of damage. Mai damage dealers were Seth and Martia - with both the "Double" in attack Atlas slot. And Divinitas and stuff like that to really boost them. Basically just auto attacking throughout the optional dungeon - even most of the bosses. + Heal every now and then. Only the last boss where Atlas jamming was active and I had to use Neval, Mithras and Dael was a bit hard. But Martia and her Heroic Blade did the job + helping with healing every now and then and the Mastery that helps vs. debuffs.


Not going to write a review. (English is not my native language and I'm too lazy to write a structured review. But as I already mentioned: I liked the game for it's many chars and the long plot and good gameplay. Usually I look for games with good plot but often they are too short or not enough chars ... or gameplay annoying (too hard/grindy) so I can't experience the plot until the end.

Here everything on hard mode was possible. Only drinking contest was too hard. But wasn't an important thing. :D

I'm not going to try the optional last boss and not going to play for the other endings. Once is enough for me.

The menu and the lots of different stuff (chars with special mechanics like for opening locked chests, terminals and hidden items, hunts/missions) were nice and kept the gameplay fun as well throughout the whole game. (Every time something new until the end with the bonus dungeon.)

The split party stuff was nice as well. (I think Forever's End was doing something similar.)

Stuff I wouldn't have found without the comments here or some guide:
Dark side of the Moon which wasn't shown on the minimap. And one Gaia shard behind some exit in the bonus dungeon. And I did not need to grind for Apeirion mode since I didn't do the optional last boss.

Bonus chapter was nice but nothing special. Some italian text still left in the game. (Especially at the bonus chapter during some text not in text boses but directly on screen - and in the bonus dungeon when explaining the locked paths where you need to have specific party members in the party to pass through.)


Now I'm really in the mood for more games he he. Too bad my favorite subscribed games where I'm waiting (Forever's End, Love and War, Beloved rapture) on here aren't really making progress.

Definitely going to watch out for more games from you as well should you realese anything with a longer game duration in the future.

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

Actually according to the Italian guide (which I used Google translate to understand a bit):
At the Maverick hideout in some chapter where you need to talk with all the chars and then go back to your room ... you either meet Nadia or Martia. I could choose between Nadia/Martia - which probably needs you to have balanced dialoge options chosen in the previous dialogues/camps.

One sided options would "lock" the char (Nadia or Martia) to one of both which you talk to in the room at that point. If I understood it correctly with Google translate ...

I had the option to choose and that option should finalize the romance then.

I'm getting one ending + epilogue. The others in a quick playthrough then. (Maybe I'll wait until the ending 5 is in the English version for the other playthroughs.)

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

So I'm getting near the end. At 40+ hours already and played almost 2 weeks and I'm at the optional dungeion + some remaining quests left.

I read about the different endings - are there just dialogue options at the end or different stuff you can do - or does it depend on earlier stuff?

Where is the latest possible save if you want to try all the different endings?

I guess 2 endings are 1 with the 99 gaia shards and extra chapter I read about. And 1 is without.

Maybe 1 other depends on the bonus dungeons and the other chars you can unlock which are supposed to be dead? Befoer starting the dungeon there was a warning to first play though without entering the dungeon - but then again I don't know if entering alreacdy changes something or if ot only changes once you unlock other chars.

Also does the question from Lademis about becoming a vassall change something in the ending?

I guess for the bonus dungeon/arena and the quest in the Borgol prison I should probably advance with the main plot on Altilliah a bit (maybe until it is not possible to do other stuff anymore) to find better places to grind? Seem a bit difficult the battles there. Other than the hunts - even the 5 star ones - felt pretty easy with hard hitting normal attacks or the appropriate enemy typed skill especially Antitank, Heroic Blade and the Survival from Seth. I used strengh focused equip so far and the "Reckless" and speed buffs.

I definitely liked the plot and setup with the unlocks and different type of skills to interact with the environment (terminals, jumping, insivibe items, chests, regeneration points). I'd love to see more games like this from this developer. Just hope the optional stuff won't be tooo much grind with the right setup of items and Mastery (there are special ones + the unveil skills that might help).

I remember games in the style of Exit Fate (fast leveling up even with tons of chars cause low level char vs. high enemy with some strong chars in the party to beat the enemy - levels up pretty fast a lot of levels in one battle) and the Skyborne ... did have strong optional stuff but I remember it was not that grindy. Still a bit of effort to be not that easy.

Edit: Nevermind. I checked the Italian guide with Google translate. Seems one option for the different endings is a lot earlier. Would be nice if someone that cares about playing through all them could make short vids of the relevant dialoques/scenes. I'm going to play only once even though the other endings might need not that much effort if you only rush from that point to the end without doing optional stuff. (But I don't have a save for the other 2 endings I think. I'm saving often and using all the slots.)

I'm getting Martia + accepted the offer of Lademis. Feels natural that ending. I mean Seth belongs there and with Nadia on the moon ... that feels okay. Certainly better than having him on the moon as well or having him be a Maverick. Cause he wasn't at fault and even if he declined Lademis should have tried to persuade him into becoming vasall. I mean ... it was Gran'ts fault. Even Lademis could say "hay I killed my father I don't want to be emperor anymore" but he knows this kind of reasoning is stupid.

Also about the Zahl series nice detail:
I saw this in the Italian guide mentioned. And I never payed attention in game until the notes in the castle. The initials ant him being a boy an it happening 2 or 3 years ago ... I figured it out who it was. ;)