Seasons of RMN III

Can I make a sequel to my last game or does that not qualify as a new game?

Maja's Wish

Thanks for playing. :D

Maja's Wish Review

Sorry for the late reply. XD
Thank you for your kind review. I think it's very helpful and fair.

I was surprised as well that my protagonist turned out that young. XD Originally he was supposed to be a bit older, but when I decided on the last part of the game I realized I had to make him younger to make his actions more believable. So I decided to park his age somewhere on the border between teenager and child. And he was absolutely supposed to come of as a bit bratty and spoiled at the start so that he had room to grow later.

I originally wanted to tell a longer story with more cutscenes and story beats but about halfway through the gamemaking event I noticed I wasn't going to finish a game of that size in time and cut everything back down to the barebones, story, gameplay, maps, everything. Because of that character interactions suffered and I only focused on developing the protagonist a bit. Since you liked the ending that part seems to have worked out well. But I didn't notice poor Maja falling to the wayside in the process which I agree is a problem.

Because this was the first mystery I constructed I didn't try to be too clever with it and just used some of my favorite mystery tropes because I had always wanted to use them in a story myself once. But I probably overdid it a bit and made the story way too predictable. XD I don't regret it though, it was fun.

Anyway, I'll keep your points in mind for when I make my next game and will think a bit about how I can improve character and story depth then.
Thanks again for the review. :D

Seasons of RMN

Maja's Wish was SOOOO CUTE!!! (◕ω◕✿)

Thank you! That was the goal ^___^

Seasons of RMN

Watched the livestream now, too. I kind of dreaded seeing someone play my game, but it was really fun seeing you figure out the plot so fast xD Most of the stuff mentioned I wanted to add or revise, too, but I just ran out of time ^.^ I'll work on it a bit more now and put out a nicer version.

That Spring Day

The story was very sweet and intriguing at the end and I liked the poems. Looking forward to the continuation :)

Flowers of the Valley Review

Thank you for the review and for playing all the way through :D I'm glad you liked the story and that you apparently found a lot of the optional stuff, too. It sounds like atmosphere and gameplay balance worked out the way I was hoping for so I'm very happy.

Flowers of the Valley

Yeah, I knew they were fresh for one day, but since it looks the same as normal/withering, and there's so many gardens/flowers to keep track of, it's just hard to remember their current state. Maybe if you could just 'examine' your flowers somehow and have it tell you its state via a text box? Like maybe using another item/button?

Anyways, I did enjoy the game so far, the maps looked pretty and I liked the atmosphere of it!

I didn't even think about using a tool but that's a really good idea. I think I can do that. I'm glad you still enjoyed the game though, that's always good to hear :D

Flowers of the Valley

Hey, thank you for the feedback. ^^

1) I can't find out how many days it takes for each type of flower to bloom, except maybe when it's mentioned the first time you receive one.

2) I can't check the current state of a flower before cutting it, whether it's fresh, normal, or withering, etc.

These 2 things combined make it very hard to play, given how important it is to manage everything properly ahead of time to know when to harvest your flowers. One mistake and some of your flower gardens will be completely out of reach and left to die. There's too much info to remember, especially if I put down the game for any length of time, there's no chance I'm going to remember the state of my flower gardens, or the info for each type of flower.

Hm, I thought it would be fun to just figure out slowly in the beginning how long each flower grows and blooms but this sounds more frustrating than fun. So I updated the download. You actually do already get info on the flowers growth cycles later in the game but now I added the info on how long they bloom and grow to the info boxes for the flower seeds as well. I hope that helps.

Actually, flowers are only fresh for one day so that's easy to figure out but apparently I never mentioned that in the game itself... which is why I added another info fairy to the game (again xD).
I can see that it would be better to show visually whether a flower is already withering or not but that's difficult to do with the way I constructed my farming system. I'll try but it will take some time.
The hotkeys should work now, too. :)

Flowers of the Valley

Hey, thank you for giving the game a try :D
I think one thing that would be very useful would be a "Wait until night option", because sometimes I have too much AP and have to go to sleep when it's still daytime, so I can't do the night events. Also, something telling what day of the week it is, since you are having weekly events.

I've been treating both of these things like an upgrade. Meaning that you get a calendar later on in the game as well as access to a place where you can rest until night time. Do you think that makes it better or is it just to annoying at the beginning? I guess I could hint at it somewhere, too.

Also, all the menu items are in a different language, which could throw some people off. I think this is easily fixed by going into "Terms" in the database. There are also a few times when dialogue is cut off the end.

I have no excuse XD I changed it and updated the download again. Sorry! And thank for making me aware of this. That must have made a terrible first impression.
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