I loved playing video games and watching anime as a kid. I still like doing that. Creation of games and stories has always fascinated me. I've always thought of ideas about them since I was young. When I was in college I started to actually get into game editing software and writing stories. I also began Let's Playing around this time. I've been working on these projects to this day.
One important driving force is an attempt to share my ideas. I want to be more selfless with my ideas and sharing them is required for that.

These days I write books that are basically long shonen-anime stories. And every complete game I've made is very lengthy as well. I think this is because I want to replicate my vision of what I enjoyed as a child. Back then most games took me years to beat. I let's race now, so some of those can be done in an hour now. And most games seem too short to me these days. Most cartoons seemed like they had an infinite number of episodes coming to me with more moments to be awesome and have the characters grow. And when a journey of epic proportions is complete, it feels great to me.

Most of all I would like my ideas backed by my enthusiasm and programming skills to be new/different ideas and to be enjoyed as I enjoyed the quests I saw as a child.
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