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Testing and Dropbox

Star Stealing Prince Finale (Full V.1.1)

Gosh, this is every bit as amazingly beautiful as the demo had me thinking it would be. I've been playing it for hours and I just... don't know where the time went.

I'm finding the battles without Snowe a little difficult, but I'm guessing I just need to check over my equipment and possibly train up a bit more.

Erio: Since I've touched {Snowe's} blood...
Relenia: Do I want to know what he means by blood?

Oh gosh, even more erotica. As if Snowe/Hiante wasn't bad enough!

I couldn't help but laugh when I heard Kefka's laugh coming from that little angel.

Amazing job. Words just can not express psodjfreoinvl;res'foperfr.

Pre-Production Is Over

Ooh, ooh, cameo!

I'm glad you posted that link; it's amazing to see how far this game has come. I can almost taste that sought-after demo now...

Oh and just so you know, I have read your PM and I'm excited to see how well the plot's executed! Keep up the good work.

SSP Trailer!

Ahhh this is as beautiful as the game itself!

Keyboard smash sishcreinvelrfjowsreg I'm excited.
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