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Star Stealing Prince Review

Astra straight up tells you to go poke her demon.

@Lyric: is it wrong that I feel like Numismatist has a Moaning Myrtle style crush on Snowe and I totally hope that's canon
because oh my gosh Numismatist was so cuuuuute <3
There is no way that could be wrong. Ever. D'awww Numi ;~;

Star Stealing Prince Review

...that makes her cuter.

Are there rules for adopting ghost ladies?

Star Stealing Prince Review

Yes yes YES. I was going to write a review for this myself but it'd pretty much just be exactly what's already written here.

I love Numismatist so much I can't decide whether I'd hug him or Snowe more tightly. Mind you, I suppose it'd have to be Snowe, what with Numismatist being corporeal and such.

No amount of keyboard smash can express how much I love this game. All of my creys.

Stonesearch Review

Great review! Funny and informative with a gentle touch. Just the way I like it.

I wouldn't worry about hitting a maximum length. I seem to remember reading reviews much longer than this :P

Thank you! I'll be sure to ramble on for longer next time then, haha.

Oh, Lyric wrote a review! Pretty good one at that! You should review more often I enjoyed reading this one.

Thank you, I thought it was about time I contributed something!

Stonesearch Review

You're welcome, aha. I'm hoping you don't see me as a bitch because of this, because though it's difficult to express in pixellated text, I do actually like this game so far.

It's not a piece of junk; the thought you've put into the world and characters is clear and particularly well done, all things considered. It was simply a case of it could have been executed better, which, hopefully, my review helped you with!

Do you have any idea what's wrong? Are the files in your version of the game, but not copying over into the download, or...?

With people disappearing and appearing anywhere, I mean kind of the same thing as with dialogue: Ralph just vanishes once his dialogue is over, as do quite a few people; after defeating the first Treant, Abraxas walks north instead of south and somehow winds up back home; when Jade and Rose are talking to Abraxas and Savyon, before the fight, they're nowhere to be seen even though they're taking part in the conversation; the same happens again with Storm and Justin in the Earth Stone's chamber.

Also I know I should have completed the puzzle to remove the spikes in the Midsel mountain, but I didn't, so the platform was the only way for me to move on and, of course, I couldn't! I didn't even think of the spikes, actually... taking them out of the picture would've been much easier than scripting an alternative. Damnit.

Regardless, I'll download the final final demo now and play through it when I get home. Thanks for reading the review and hearing me out, you're a star!

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