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If your game has these words in its title, it's a big red flag

Any title of nobility

...But SSP is amazing. Sadface.

What are you thinking about right now?

"...did I seriously just write a 2,000 word review?"


What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

Debating the use of Kaduki battlers as fillers until I can actually be bothered to sit on my ass long enough to sprite.

Considering stripping the battle system down altogether for now so I can concentrate on the stuff that's actually important. Maybe if I didn't want it to look so pretty I'd be working more on databasing.

...Also trying to convince myself to stop watching YouTube videos long enough to sit down and work on some serious plottage.

Ye Olde Ancient Screenshots Topique

It would be difficult for that game to be any stupider. I swear I'm going to release it some day.

Please do.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Not bad. I like the design, it's simple but effective. The menu section looks a bit empty though, Why don't you try and push the options a bit to the right? So the cursor is around the place where the icons are now. - I like the background personally. It's very appropriate if you game is set in a modern city, but it would be best if it where a drawing instead of a photo. ...As for the character portraits, the kinda look from different drawing styles, specially the last one. I suggest you change them, but I can force you to do so. =P
It is all still going to be shuffled around, and I'll be sure to take your comments into account, so thank you for them! The image itself is more of a filler for now, until I can find a more appropriate one. Worry not, the character images themselves will be changed as well - at the moment they're just renders of characters from different animes! Purely to get an idea of how I wanted them to look in the menu.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Lyric, that's pretty slick looking. Loving the artwork. What RPG Maker are you using?

Based on the fact that there's no max HP or MP shown, only current HP and MP, I assume that the characters' HP and MP are restored after every fight? If they're not always at full HP, you should probably show Health: 30/30 instead of just Health: 30. If I'm checking the menu, 9 times out of 10 it's to heal myself, so it's good to be able to immediately see whether I need to do so.
Currently VX, but I am planning on switching over to Ace if it comes out before I'm happy with the project (which is looking very likely - I keep waking up the next day and being unhappy with things I loved the day before).

Ha I honestly hadn't thought of that! I knew there was something missing, just goes to show my critical eye isn't the only one I need to get things right. I'm not sure whether to go with a bar or just x/x right now, or even if healing after battle might be a valid option... More thoughts for the drawing board, thank you!

@Lyric: I really like the look of this, Id recommend change the color of the class for Ruffian and Student it blends in with their hair too much. P.S.: I never thought I'd see Lelouch alive and well ^_^.
Aww, thank you! Yeah, they do need changing, or at least moving around a little so they're not... blending so well. I am working on it, so I'll make sure I post the finished thing here for you!

(I thought somebody might notice, haha! By the way I love love LOVE the set up.)


Welcome to RMN!

I got curious and Google'd your game. It's looking pretty good, I'm gonna have to give the demo a play. Loving the story!

What we did horribly on our first games.

I went ahead and "played" through the first game I made in XP recently. It was obviously just to get used to the system, learn eventing and so on.

Purely RTP, all the characters had names like "Butt", and were either ridiculously overpowered or were guaranteed to die in one hit. Also, there was no plot, so it was literally just wandering around, talking to people, occasionally recruiting a party member and fighting elemental spirits.

Only thing I was mildly proud of were the maps. Hopefully I can map as well in VX... though it's not looking very likely at the moment.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

I'm still planning on changing the background and item graphics... but I think I have the characters looking how I want them to (for now, at least). Meh.

I need to shift the class text around too, so that it's... possible to read them.

Coming out of hiding

Having lurked for a few months myself, I know how you feel!

I find it really hard to stay motivated, too. On a lighter note, welcome to the community.
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