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Lamia must die!

i thought that czarina must die

those boobs are creepy

Who's that?

How to change the thumbnail for your game?

Okay thanks it worked, this can be locked now.


I was hoping there wouldn't be death though.

Check the ending for a special surprise.

How to change the thumbnail for your game?

I recently had a major graphic overhaulf of my game but I don't see option to redo the thumbnail, it's still based off the old screenshot instead of any of the new ones. Is there a way to decide the thumbnail yourself, such as using the title screen or something?

Child's Light Review

Thanks from your review, I enjoyed reading it. I'm most likely not going to support this game with future updates unless I remake it completely as a commercial, beefire game kinda like I'm doing with Save your Mother at the moment. Speaking of Dooms there's also a reference to the games in the cemetry, did you notice it? (Here lies Dooms series, never again) reads on one of the tombstones.

About the grammar mistakes; english is my third language.


Nice layout man, though I think the protagonist should probably have another face in the circle hud at top, that doesn't really look as good when scaled down.

Lamia's new design

Lamia's new design

So now it's both much less intimidating and more sexualised. Great choice!...not.

The original from RPG Maker is a very small sprite and you can barely even see what it is and it looks really bad on high resolution running on anything above 928x704 since then it takes only small sliver off the screen size and just upscaling it to bigger size made it look even worse. It's not intimidating either, you can barely even see their face in the original.

Also, she's not sexualized, there's not even nipples or anything. I thought she looked insane, she really does sound insane too.

Those hips.

No wonder they made a God lust after her. I guess since it's bad to lie, her hips don't.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Mister Big T: My only problem with the increased resolution is well, you're showing the entire map. Aesthetically it's gonna feel like an RTS if you use the increased resolution in that way. Most games, regardless of 3D or 2D tend to keep the player character a good proportion of the screen to not feel like an ant. I guess it also has to do with the 32x32 collision limit that you're potentially still tied to.

But yes this certainly isn't 2003 and its about time rpg maker got an actual resolution upgrade.

I think the aesthetic problems came mostly from the wideness rather than the overall size itself, so I'll see if I can fix that to make it seem more centered. It does add its own hiccups but also a lot of new rewarding stuff, such as being able to show bigger lines of dialogue on screen before scrolling, better quality text and imagery and so on and forth. It also allows me to make a far bigger emotion portraits that talk and blink and stuff without having there be just 3-5 words per screen before they have to be scrolled.

So I changed the resolution, it's not as wide as before and shouldn't make it seem like you're a midget.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Are the white spots in the dialogue box in game? I'm not sure how I feel about them, they kinda seem like they'rer an error or something and kinda obstruct some of the letters.