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How to change the thumbnail for your game?

I recently had a major graphic overhaulf of my game but I don't see option to redo the thumbnail, it's still based off the old screenshot instead of any of the new ones. Is there a way to decide the thumbnail yourself, such as using the title screen or something?

5 stars review was deemed too much by someone's standards

So, this is something that I found really weird. I played this fun game which I discovered from the recently uploaded games that I enjoyed and made a review since there hadn't been one. I spoke of the basic premise, the plot, and the characters and the visual elements, despite there being some RTP there were plenty non RTP related things and such stuff. I provided not only screenshots of the game but also quotes from the game's protagonist as I went to explore the game's hidden undertones that were subtle and never in your face and what I truly loved of the game, I even said that is why it managed to be more thought provoking than most melodramatic rpg maker games which try way too hard to be taken seriously when everyone is all grumpy and don't even aknowledge how absurd things can get.

I was wondering why it took ages for the review to be published and today I found that my review was actually denied. Curiously this was the reason

"I'm probably not going to accept this as a 5 star review. I would accept it as an N/A review."

Who is this mysterious person stating this? Why can't I leave a rating on a game that I thought not only did do it's job it sought to do but also offered me a positive surprise? Why can't I even ask this person why they don't accept the 5 star rating? Was something off in my review or what was the problem about?

If I'd even know who this mysterious person who said they are probably (?) not going to accept 5 star but would accept no stars, it'd at least help me talk to them and work on my review out?

Denied because of... Penis?

I didn't know where to post this but I just had to ask what this meant or if someone had been consuming too many mushroom while writing this note.

Adventures of MISTER BIG T 2, was denied. Reason was: "The mapping is really bare. I unfortunately can't hold double standards unless there is a specific reason why the maps are bare. Also, penis images makes me wonder if the game has pornographic elements, in which case we cannot include it on the site (e.g. Polymorphous Perversity)".

Penis images? What did this mystery person even talk about?

Screenshots submitted

Was the person looking at another game or had images of penises burned into their coroneas and thus saw a penis everywhere?
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