Blame Game

Yellow Magic, you ruined math for me!

Bad Moments in Good Games?

The lack of direction in Dragon's Dogma. Not a bad moment so much as a bad mechanic, the fact that I just wandered for the entire time playing it made me feel like I wasn't making too big an impact. I mean, even in Skyrim if I wandered I felt like I was doing SOMETHING. Both games are good, but Dragon's Dogma didn't have that...feeling of accomplishment.

What are you thinking about right now?

Totally right, I did procrastinate during my internet outage.

What are you thinking about right now?

Meh...moving day approachs. Might actually get stuff done during the internet lacking, like maybe work on a game or something...or I'll procrastinate and not get anything done.

Good bye good friend.....

I, that's Well, that must be a slight weight lifted off your shoulders then, since she died for different reasons than starvation.
Still a troubling loss, but you know...see the good in things?

Demo Length

The demo for my canceled game would definitely fall under LockeZ's Alpha Build defintion.
I wasn't as smart way back in...two years ago.

Good bye good friend.....

I give you a lot of props for getting a goldfish to live for a few YEARS. Even if you became ignorant of him in the end (everyone makes that mistake with pets sometimes unless they are the most devoted of owners), you still gave him many long and happy years of life.
Peace be with you, Marcus.

What are you thinking about right now?

Space Channel 5 Part 2 is such a fun game. Too bad the PC version had a hidden control edit menu that I somehow stumbled onto and accidentally edited all the controls so now I can't play the darn game...
Time to figure out which file will reverse my decision without erasing my save, though that might have to happen...

Bad games you love any ways.

M4uesviecr's current picture is from the game I knew was 'bad' but loved anyway. It was fun.

What are you thinking about right now?

I had 358/2. It was okay, but it didn't have the feel of Kingdom Hearts. That said, for a DS game the gameplay was rather impressive, but I loathed the leveling system quite a bit. Led to some pretty confusing moments.
Though there IS an appeal if you are into a bit of trial and error. "Hm, should I get more attack spells? Okay, I will." Goes into mission, enemies are immune to magic. "Okay, better increase my attack damage, then." Stuff like that. It's plenty customizable, I just didn't get into it.
The other issue is the structure of being mission based. It's Kingdom Hearts, I like exploring the various Disney-centric worlds.
The plot does a decent job explaining more of Roxas, but still, you can always read the plot if you're THAT curious.
I wouldn't wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone I know personally, but you're an internet stranger...and I still don't wholeheartedly recommend it.