Borderland Game Journal thing with Siren,

So basically I am gonna do a game journal type writing where I play through the game, then give the character I play some personality and such for that game. So generally silent protagonists fit the bill. To start it off, prologue.

Ugh my life could not be any more annoying.
You wanna know who I am? The name's Irene. Irene Lilith. But most people knew me as the pop sensation 'Siren'. It was, like, a totally cool gig. I was universally popular Pop Star that nobody hated, and everyone loved. Single after single, hit after hit, album after triple platinum album, I had it all. And then one all stopped.
Well, it didn't, like, just stop all at once. Some totally annoying reporter had it out for me and spread a rumor that I had no talent, and that I was siphoning it off of someone else. That 'someone' being a jealous ex-friend of mine, Natea Gwendolyn. She had gotten a hold of some device that let her sound exactly like me, and when she 'exposed her talent' to the crowd, they immediately flocked to her and left me in the dust. They didn't believe me, the person who sang to them all these years, but instead they listened to some stupid skank who had it out for me. Some fans they were...
But little do they know that, like, my Siren name is more than just some catchy nickname. It's what I am. I can, like, move in between dimensions and look invisible to the others around me and explode things and stuff. It's really cool. And I plan on using my power for a totally awesome venture to get my fame back: The Vault.
Legend says that, like, there's this planet called Pandora with a vault that has all this money and finding it will make someone famous and stuff. And if I personally found it, people will, like, love me again for being able to and maybe finally, like, believe that I was the real singer all this time. Then that bitch Natea will totally get what's coming to her.
So yeah, that's my story. I got some basic weapons training, honed my powers, like, a bit more, and am currently waiting for my spaceship to arrive. Oh, that must be it right now. I'll write in here as soon as I can. Peace!
(Be critical, tell me how I could improve my craft.)

So after many, MANY long thoughts and other things and absences, I'm back!

And boy am I in an exhausted filled thinking spree. A lot of things happened in my absence. I rediscovered myself, a few moves happened, some family issues got through, reformats, lack of desire, it got all strange.
Point is I'm back, Bronze Soul is canceled, I may or may not start on a new project, it all depends on how things go.

The unbeatable battle.

Now we've all come across this one: you get to a certain part of the game when suddenly you are attacked by a monster of some sort. You enter the battle phase, use your strongest attack or magic, and find that you did...0 damage. Then the monster does an uber attack that does 9999 damage, and you die. Turns out that was a battle you were meant to lose for story purposes.

Now I ask you: Have you ever considered making a battle like this in one of your games, or have already done so? If so, what was the motive behind it? What does the unbeatable battle have over having your characters lose in a cutscene?

Guess what, Tardis? I'm back.

Well, it's been...two months to the day since I left, and I've decided to come back. Now, I still haven't fixed any of my RPG Maker woes, so I won't be making any games, but that doesn't bug me anymore. I figure I'll do that in the future. And I won't be as active here as I was pre-leaving, but I will try my best to be helpful.

So how have you all been? What's new?

A fond farewell.

Well, I think it's time I left this site for now. I'm not doing anything here, constructive or otherwise. All I've managed to bring to this site is broken dreams and a tutorial. So, it is with this forum post that I bid you all adieu.

For those who have actually been following me, Entershitforbrains never answered my emails of complaints, and I still haven't gotten my RMXP problem fixed. As for my RM2k3 project, I'm canceling it, since I hated using that program.


P.S., I'll probably still look through this topic for a while, and answer stuff, but I will be gone after tomorrow.

Why don't we have razzies?

You know, the awards for the exceptionally awful movies. Why don't we have those for games here on RMN?

(RM2K3) I can't get my dynamic day/night cycle to work.

I'm trying to make it where my game turns from day to night and in-between, but everytime I try to test it, nothing happens. Here's the event in its entirety.

(RM2K3) Dagger animation request.

One of the characters for my game uses dual daggers as her starting weapon, and there isn't an animation within the game that has what I need. Anyone have a spare dagger animation they can give me/find that I couldn't? If it helps, my character is RTP.

(RM2K3) I'm trying to make an magic combo system, should I make it a Skill Subset?

The definition the help file gives me for a Skill Subset is,

"Allows the player to use a skill they have learned that is in the specified subset. After creating a subset command, it will be added to the skills tab as a new classification, so you can add skills to it."

But how does it differ from skills, and is it what I want to use for a system where if I have two different magic powers, I could combine them into one power?

They're making a Fred movie!

Well, apparently movie makers have hit a new low.
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