really cool!
really cool!


This would look a lot better if you disabled texture filtering.
I’ll speak with the artist about this and see what can be done.

Dracoseal - Aether Knights and the Legion of Hell

Keep up the good work.

The Reditus This the the link for the The Reditus.

FF6: Age of The Returners

I changed character animation for Augustus, fixed game breaking glitch, and added god mode for more casual players.

FF6: Age of The Returners

Is this only a demo?
And would not have full version, better wait for it to release :)

The full version will be commercial and released on unreal engine 4 under a different name. I’m going for an octopath traveler look. Please enjoy the free version though.

FF6: Age of The Returners

I added a skip intro option, but it caused a bug where the game would freeze if you left camp in the beginning. Fixed now. I also changed Caeser's sprite sheet.

FF6: Age of The Returners

My game is finished. I hope you enjoy.

FF6: Age of The Returners

The free version of my game will be finished next month. I will attempt to develop a commercial version of my game on UE4 changing the story where necessary to avoid copyright issues. The free version should contain at least 15 hrs of gameplay.

Testers wanted for Earthsea: The Old Powers

I'm willing to test your game if you're willing to test mine. Whaddaya say? Message me back if you're interested.
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