RMMV 32 bit pixel art

I'm creating a sequel to FF6 so I need pixel art thats within the realm FF6. I also need some parallax work done too. Contact me if you are interested.

Game testing

I need someone to test my game. If you have a game that needs testing I could do the same for you.

[RMMV] collaboration

I'm making a sequel to Final Fantasy VI and work is going painfully slow. I have a long script yet I've barely dented it. I'm looking for a like-minded person would want to collaborate with me. If you are interested please message me and we will further discuss is on discord.


I'm working with rpgmaker mv and alot of plugins are broken. I'm trying to use a plugin but its broken. I need it fixed.

sv character design for battles.

I need someone who can design a 16 bit battler for my game. Message me for more details.


This is a stand alone sequel to the original which I am planning. It takes place 100 hundred years after Kefka's downfall. The followers of Kefka now live in tents in a wasteland near what used to be Vector and its ruins. The Kefkites live in complete poverty waiting the return of their god; Kefka, holding on to the belief that one day he will return and restore them. The story follows Augustus and his son Ceaser who set out on a journey to infiltrate the Magitek Facility which they believe holds the secret to reviving magic and their subsequent redemption.

The Returners now dominate Gaia, who have grown corrupt through overindulgence and hubris, stand opposed to Augustus and his aims. Their ability to dominate Gaia has only expanded as their growth in technology has expanded by leap and bounds through the discovery of minerals in Narshe. The revival of magic threatens their way of life and also their very existence as the memory of the destruction of the world is still fresh in their mind. One thing is certain, as Augustus departs his austere camp the world of Gaia will never be the same when the world of balance once again is shaken.

Game features:
An all new cast of character plus old characters also return.
Join the hunt for Espers.
Gameplay is based on scavenging and conserving as much as possible.
Resurrect Leo

If you wish to download a short demo please download it at the following:

Please offer your critique of my short intro and tell me if you do or do not like my story concept.

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