[RM2K3] Looking for testers

I am look for volunteers to test my upcoming game before I release it to the public. I already have a game page ready and is currently awaiting for approval.

Here are the details about the game, literally taken from the game page itself:


Engine: RPG Maker 2003
Genre: Turn-based RPG
Length: 2-3 hours give or take.


Finney wants to bring a woman who is dear to him back to the land of the living but he is unsure on how he is going to go about pulling that off.

Join Finney as he journey the Lordless Land, a land cursed by a Calamity that visits the land once every 100 years, looking for a cure to a woman suffering from an illness that puts her to sleep for years already. In his travels, he gathers allies and a share of adversaries as well.

Here is hoping that he might finally bring the woman back to the land of the living by the end of his journey.


  • I am open for general feedback about the game, what can be improved or what can be added. So don't hold back. Tear me up a new one.

  • Because the system in place is almost entirely custom, expect to find bugs that I might have missed.

  • Expect grammar errors here and there, I was half-asleep most of the time while I was developing it.

  • Thank you.

Shoot me a PM if you are willing to volunteer as tribute and I'll send you the test build (50-ish mb) of the game.
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