My name is Jeff Adam, and I spend most of my time in cyberspace. I am a cyberpunk enthusiast and have been considered to be a futurist. I'm interested in various technologies, electronic music, psychology and sciences. I enjoy reading, writing, and voice acting.



Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

@Machine_Relief: It'd be nice to see some of these snazzy custom graphics! The cyberpunk look is a fun one.
The cyberpunk look is fun to work with too! I hope to have something to show the community early next year.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I'm working on a little cyberpunk project. Takes place in dark neon lit city. Nothing I would hold my breath over.. all graphics/sprites are custom.

I'm getting started on a short sci-fi game about a mysterious web forum. It's inspired by Earthbound. :p
Here's the title screen!

I like it.

Linearity in RPGs?

But once I got outside, there were a million things I could do, and it was up to me to even find them, much less decide to do them. Am I wrong?
You're right. Although some quests are already in your quest log upon exiting the vault (main story quests and the DLC content.) and they can be selected in menu to give you a way-point.

You're given a choice to handle situations differently in most cases but its never enough. Excellent re-play value though.

Linearity in RPGs?

If you have only a small number of options that the player is given, i.e. if your nonlinearity amounts to a series of multiple choice decisions and there's no real way to go backwards or sequence break, then I've found it can be really interesting to create ten or fifteen different versions of your story.

I agree and I think this is what Fallout 3 tries to do.
Your dad's left the vault! Care? or not care?

Linearity in RPGs?

I can enjoy linear games (if I like the story) but I prefer open games myself. I think you can easily accomplish what you're envisioning. Create switches on certain NPCs that functions as an "awareness" to if they know he is alive or not. Maybe after interacting with one of these certain NPCs allow "word" to travel to just that particular town/settlement that this player character is alive. Obviously have the responses differ whether they are aware or not. (ex. "Plissken? I thought you died!", "I heard you were alive..")


I'm definitely interested in playing this one. *Subscribes*

Finally registered..

Welcome, dude. Hope you enjoy the site!


Arbiter: Prototype

I'll help, if you want.

Lightmapping for 2k3

easy, in this forum

Thanks, I'll check it out.
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