My name is Jeff Adam, and I spend most of my time in cyberspace. I am a cyberpunk enthusiast and have been considered to be a futurist. I'm interested in various technologies, electronic music, psychology and sciences. I enjoy reading, writing, and voice acting.


Lightmapping for 2k3

The search function came up with zero results for lightmaps and I am wondering if someone could direct me to a thread or tutorial on the development of pictured lightmaps for RPG Maker 2k3.

Finally registered..

Hello reader, my name is Jeff and I've been an observer of this site for years.. though I never registered, until today. I'm a bit of a writer and I've been using RPG Maker 2k3 for several years now to create my written worlds. I'm not really much of a programmer or spriter but nevertheless I still accomplish to create what I envision. I've never released anything but hopefully that will change now that I've decided to join this little community of yours.
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