Looks interesting.

Thank you :)
Don't hesitate to try !

Screenshot Survival 20XX

I'm working on a custom HUD for basic battle :D

[RM2K3] Timer ending battle

Did you try something like this :

( With Maniacs )
This would be exactly the opposite of what OP is trying to accomplish.

Arf, I missread ><

But for now, no it's impossible with Maniacs.

But you can get around it by creating a custom timer system.

[RM2K3] Timer ending battle

Did you try something like this :

( With Maniacs )

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I'm working on a Deluxe version of Croix Celeste by Sill Valt ( Original game : ).
This is including 16/9, a new battle HUD, and a new battle result screen !
Next step :
Finish the 16/9 incorporation, and making a CMS :)

How to display image in maniac patch

Did you patch your project after patching the editor ?

[RM2K3] Rpg Maker Maniacs Patch (for official version)

This patch is really insane. I dug into it pretty hard over the weekend. Unlocks a ton of possibilities, and holy crap does it make a ton of things easier.

Anyone know much about this:
author=patch notes
New data type, the string variable, read from "Text" folder, can be referenced just like variables in text, but with a "T" instead of "V"

"Text" folder... this seems to imply we could have a glossary of terms in a file somewhere that could be read by our game? Anyone know how this works exactly?

You have a Text folder like Charaset/Chipset/etc ...
And you can read every file inside this folder, store the result inside a new system of variables ( T instead of V ).
With some tip, you can extract BDD ( texts with EasyRPG ), and show in message text ( or picture ) things like item/skill 's descriptions / price / target ...

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Thanks :)
It's just a proof of concept of what can be do with Maniacs ^^

Screenshot Survival 20XX

haha, thanks everyone!! Yeah, I'll post a more shrunk version. My laptop doesn't output 1 to 1 with pixels so its hard to get smaller screens without them appearing blurry. :p

along with that, here's a gif of Bee Boy in action!

Very nice style :)

A little WIP of fully customisable HUD, including Battle HUD.
It work with Maniacs patch

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

Hi !
In battle type C, is there a way to make a custom Flee option ?
Normaly, with this battle interface, the third option "Escape" is avaible only in preemptiv attack, and only at the begining.
Can we turn this option always on, or only if a hero as his ATB full ?
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