I think this needs a bit of an overhaul once the demo is out.
If I am correct, some of that info is outdated even in the current build :D

Quick & Dirty Blog Post

Ay! Take your time :D
Although... About time you finish at least SOMETHING. Okay. You did. ALONE. Fine :D
But you know what I mean? Gimme something to play again!!

I still need to decide on the next party. I would like a totally different team but then missing a Healer could be a bit hard. Sure, there are hard and easy teams but... I will think about it.
I also really want to add the female Sage so I that is one slot already repeated, haaa.

BluMiu's Art Dump

What is the story behind that one? Haha!
Looks completely different to your usual stuff. That is not a bad thing at all but it surprised me a bit. Practicing or... it does look like something you do for a friend or during a special occasion.

Transient Ombra
Bro, you honestly need more recognition for pics like that one :/
That is like game cover illustration when game covers still meant something.
Good to see the CV like art is still going strong!

What are you thinking about right now?

I am thinking I have not checked here in a while and then realized I have nothing to post :<

Random Art Topic

Haha :D
They are just aliens feeding alien birds :>

Random Art Topic

Lufia V: For the Savior

I think Dekar is mostly giving updates on FaceBook now.

What are you thinking about right now?

Anyone played the SNES RPG called Eien no Filena? Just curious.


I SO wanted to remaster this pic but every time I see that goofy looking slime monster, I decide against it :D
It looks like it had a stroke LMAO :D