The Fallen Rise

Hmm...I'll take the download down until I can solve this.

The Fallen Rise

No problem, I toke a break so I hope you enjoy :P

The Fallen Rise

I'm gonna try this, wish me luck

Edit: Or not... can you please upload a version without the RTP? I don't want to download 200 Mb for something short and quick

That will come but tomorrow.

Dear RED

Amazing game. Really made me think about that ending. Also played it to see all the endings.


This was an amazing demon. If you are looking for voice actors I hope I can help you out with that. Also I made "First Look-Let's Look At-Spotlight" video about your game

You can find it here :D

The Bar

I guess you might say so. But honestly until this day I never knew that "Waiting for Godot" existed.
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