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Uddertale: strawberry milk version
shrek maker 7: seven shreks and seven shrikes
donald trump RPG: orange is the new black



Misao = Fin

The best thing about dragon fantasy tsufanubra is that it looks/feels like a game I would have played from Gaming World in 2005.

The official English 2k3 version is out!

Yeah, I sent an analysis report to Microsoft and have the file whitelisted in the meantime. That doesn't stop Windows Defender from continuing to bother me about it though. >:E

The official English 2k3 version is out!

The latest version of 1.12 downloadable from the RPGMakerWeb site triggers Windows Defender. It keeps trying to delete the file no matter how many times I try to stop it. It's clean in virtually every other antivirus software in existence, but since it runs default on most new versions of Windows I thought I'd bring it up!

The official English 2k3 version is out!

If he can put together an ips file of his monster animations it would be somewhat straightforward to adapt it to re-tool for the official release. That's not an ideal solution, but I think that animated monsters would affect such a small minority of users that it might be better to put effort of future updates into things more people would be concerned with.

I'm really still concerned that this software is incapable of making my morning coffee. Honestly, that's the only thing holding it back here!

edit: Dhm did that with dynrpg? nm then. I guess the only thing left is for someone sensible with a lot of free time on their hands to come around and volunteer for the lengthy task of adapting dynrpg to the official version.

Does Anyone Remember GamingW? (Remembering Gamingw)

Medieve was the nicest guy. you could tear him down with 30 soul-crushing verbal insults and his response would just be 'so... are we still on 4 movie nite'

Another lost hero :(

The official English 2k3 version is out!

Somewhere right now, on Earth, Joseph Seraph is squeeing @ the moon...

The official English 2k3 version is out!

What Do You Guys Think About My Dapper New Profile Picture?

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

[RMVX ACE] D&D Systems in Video Games: Obsolete?

If you want to include D&D style mechanics, it would be good to really make sure you apply as much of the rule set as possible. This would make it a conscious aesthetic decision rather than something implemented by sheer impulse. I've believed (for years) that random chance dice rolls aren't really at the true heart of what makes a role playing game, and it appears based on a glance that the trend is to move further away from it.

That said, crafting a game around D&D's rules is entirely your choice and is totally acceptable if it is part of your design intent. Just let players know the limits of your system and offer some transparency into how it all works. Then it can inject some decision making into the process.

So, I am wondering what you fine folks think of such a dice-based system in your computer/vidya RPGs. Can a D&D-esque dice system to determine attack and spell accuracy/potency be salvaged, or is it a facet of a bygone era of video games?

I think the ultimate problem with dice systems is that they are not as exciting in single-player games as they are in an actual tabletop RP session. It reduces decision making to committing the same few actions that provides the most reliable results, rather than situational decision-making. You can design around this, but my personal opinion is that you're toiling unnecessarily with rickety mechanics that have more modern, elegant solutions. (im bit biased, k.)

"Fan games can still ruin your life. Please stop believing otherwise."

I think there was another patent regarding button configuration that affected fighting games. Can't remember exactly what, I think it was something about configuration during loading screens or on the character select screen, or smth, I can't find it atm. Ultra David (fighting game commentator) used to like to bring it up during button checks.
That sounds like a pretty basic thing to patent. Anyone know more about this?

Yes, patent descriptions can appear very broad and are usually best interpreted by someone with legal expertise. There might be something more specific to this..

If you're really interested, this might be one place to start looking: