A story writer full of hope. My famous line: 'One day I hope I can complete a story and turn it into a popular game.' My intention is to turn stories into games. I cannot sprite so I need lots of help with resources. There are lots of people willing to help so my requests are usually fulfilled. How nice of them~!


I shall play only one game...

I shall play only one game! (It's a sort of game I made up)
1. Post things about your fave game.
2. Don't say the name
3. Tell anyone who asks if their guess is correct
4. A good description about your game

How to Play:
Describe your fave game. Don't say the name EVER! People must now guess the name of the game you're explaining. Then you tell them if their guess is right. After your guess you can try your own game.
MagicKid: It's a lot about farming, and you get lost on this island with a couple of people. You want to repopulate the island, and you're the farmer.
Other Person: Harvest Moon Island of Happiness?
MagicKid: Yep.

That's all, MK

I start:::
You get teleported to Iv*l*** through a magical book, you're part of a 'clan' with Ci*. You go questing 'till you find illu*** and kill him/her. Then you fight this whacko gooey monster.

Community Project: Autherdriane

Story: You join RMN to play one of their featured games, Autherdriane. Little did you know it would hypnotise you! It takes the work of a member to get you out of hypnotism. The creator of Aurtherdriane, Angranthia, has gone offline since she heard your hypnotism from Autherdriane. You investigate into the Editor of the game as it has been left in the folder, and you discover the script that could destroy the world... And surprisingly, Angranthia has no clue what's happening and had nothing to do with the script! Who's behind this chaos...?
Request: I request you to ask if you're gonna be the member who pulls the player out of hypnotism. First people get the job! I need your personal sprites, your music, like 'MagicKid's Theme' or something like that, and I want your part in the game. I need one member to be Angranthia for the game, and I need one person to be the evil mastermind behind the hypnotism. Faces are accepted with the personal sprites!
Thank you...

Community Project

I started one before but here... I will THINK about it! Yup yup!

Hi everyone, I'm new, sorry I didn't do this earlier.

Hiya! It's MagicKid. Really sorry I didn't do this earlier, I forgot about the forums. >_<
I've been around for a bit, posting comments here and there. Just to tell you- I like Anaryu's games. I'm also a fan of fantasy, and my favorite mythical creature is dragons. Dragons do actually exist- NO, not the winged ones. Some lizards are basically dragons- everyone knows to Komodo Dragon. (I saw one having a bath once, it was quite funny ^_^) And... My favorite animal... Are wolves. They're beautiful to me. (They have nothing to do with werewolves. Nor do they howl at the moon. Get real, some people!) I'm kinda scared of dogs- I once got chased round the park by one. >_< So I'm getting better at walking past dogs in the street. (I am NOT scared of huskies!!! They're too beautiful to be scared of! ^_^) I'll enjoy being part of RMN, and hello everyone! (I am so... *blushes* embarassed at what I typed!)
Oh yeah, I'm a girl if you need to know.


Oh no, I began RPG Makers late... Naramura is OUT! Can everyone post all their Naramura sprites please?! HELP!!!

[VX & XP] I'm only...

I'm only a kid! I need a lot of people to sprite for me. I'll accept any and all characters and music for XP and VX. Here's a secret to a bit of what I want for VX. Get any (in this case, only characters made by you) XP sprite, erase the first line and when you try putting it in VX, you'll say, "Oh, this doesn't fit!!!". Export it, with $ before the name. Delete the first one. Import the second one and it WILL fit. I need lots of these, please. Thanks in advance for that.

I need battle music and character theme tunes. I need a dark tune for Morris and EviKing. I need a brave tune for the main characters, like in Chrono Trigger, with Crono's theme, and Frog's theme, ect.

Girls: Nervous theme, a theme like you're one second away from winning and are trying to win so hard, a really brave theme.

Boys: Brave themes only.

Thanks in advance.

A Request: helpers

For my upcoming game, I'm going to need some sprites, music, monsters and people, about everything in VX and XP style. (Except windowskins, message backs.)
I need as many spriters that will register,
1 or 2 doing music,
4 for enemies, (people, monsters, animals ect.)
2 for anything else you can think of.

I could have more than the needed amount of people, and post resources until you're more than proud of yourself. In future, thank you, and for the games... I'll out you in the credits!!! ;D

No thank-yous for crediting all of you, please. Really. :-X
No kiss smilies in this topic!!! :-*
I'll allow weeping ones if you're going to be a while before posting anything, or if you're out of resources. (Or anything you need a weepy smiley with, lol.)
And in future, thanks to all of you who post resources. Good luck,

Geondun's Pick Race and Pick Class

Has anyone played Geondun and know how you do all the complicated picking classes and races and stuff? I really want to know so maybe I could create a bit where you pick all your characters... :D I feel like it's something I have to know in order to create a good game. So, can anyone tell me how you do it? ???
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