Hi there! >///u///<

I'm Make_it_MagiK, often aka just MagiK, welcome to my profile page!
I hope you will like my games! :)

I'm a busy college student, who in her free time loves to play videogames, making new rpg maker games(instead of finishing the old ones -.-), watching animes and reading fantasy books.
I like testing games, if you are looking for testers for your game, don't hesitate to let me know through PM!

Credit for cute star divider: Gasara
"The more you use them, the more you drown"




This looks amazing!


Breathtakingly beautiful. The graphics of this game are becoming always better. Good job!

Update from November

Hi there!! I hope the surgery went well. Don't worry about the development, focus on yourself and getting well again! We are gonna wait :)


Looks amazing! Such an elegant and magical castle!


Congrats on being "Picture of the moment"!
Really nice map, I love the atmosphere it conveys, kinda calming but unsettling at the same time. The colors are also very well chosen.

Commonplace Book

I sadly have to admit defeat once again... I really liked this event idea and I was super motivated to make a game. Unfortunately even if I had a nice plot on which I would have liked to work on, I didn't have the time to do that... Anyways well done to everyone who is done with their entries, and good luck to those who are still working on it!

Commonplace Book

Yes, you can use the first one you got if you don't like the second, but even if you go back to the first one and use that one for your game, you won't get the "From Beyond The Stars" (70ms) badge. I reccomend coming to the RMN discord to brainstorm with peeps if you're lacking ideas first if you're aiming for that badge!

I see. I really want those 70ms,so I guess I'll leave it as it is and use my first prompt. I actually have some ideas, but I am just unsure if they match the prompt 100%.
Well, if matters get worse I am gonna check out the rmn discord like you said. Thanks!

Commonplace Book

Hi guys! I have a small question: if I would ask for a reroll, but the reroll turns out to be even worse than the first one, can I still choose to use the first one?


I finally had some spare time to play your demo and... WOW! That was amazing!!! It was kinda short, not gonna lie, but really enjoyable to play! The graphics are wonderful (the forest was my favorite map) and I already like the characters! Dialogues were well written, and I can't wait to know how the story is gonna continue and all the backstory of how this everlasting winter came to be, and how Winter and Giles met!
Like KoopaKush said the sound effects sound kinda out of place and for me were too loud. The one which really stood out for me was when they put on the motorbike helmet.
Anyways, you've done such a great job, I can't wait for the full release! Good luck on the development!!!


WOW! Everything looks amazing!!! From the awesome page to the story and mapping! I like that her name Marinette is kinda similar to Marionette, which means puppet. I am really interested in this game! Good luck for the development!

Seriously this page is awesome... even the mouse cursor is edited... You should teach me how you did it!