Artist and one of two writers for Team Dragonfly.

April was a Fool
No, you can't date the Dragon.



A Peek Behind the Curtains

That's how I know I'm doing good, if I can pass the Maki Would Smooch test XDXD :DDDD Thanks!

The ultimate praise is if I "want to ride one to the grocery store" and I must say that the big skeleton fish passes that bar.

A Peek Behind the Curtains

I drag myself from the shadows to say I would smooch all of these monsters.

Izrand Allure

*blows wind off the login button*
*crawls back into my dark, cryptid dungeon only to emerge the next time the planets align*

1.44 Floppy Disc Event

With the power of Rach and myself combined, we've done it. An RPGmaker VX Ace game that's 1.43MB !!!

One map, one event, 139KB of art, and a single little midi I made on a free website.

Some stuff if you go to play it.
* You can cancel out of choice menus to go back.
* Death is not a big deal, you'll respawn without losing progress.
* Due to cutting out crucial data files, you cannot open the game in the editor, but it runs just fun from the exe

This was an interesting and fun challenge in seeing just how much we could squeeze into very limited space.

I'm looking forward to checking out the other projects~!


The colour of the menu skin is a very pretty shade of aqua~

QoL Update is Available! & Twitter Page!

How did I miss you had a demo release? I'm going to check it out for sure :3

Maki-mArt (Commission Thread)

Thank you both <3 <3 <3

Right now I am looking for either 1-2 larger projects to work on or 2-4 smaller ones depending on the work involved. I'll be closing commissions when I have those filled and will reopen once they are completed.

Maki-mArt (Commission Thread)

Hello, people! It is me, the Legendary Canadian Goose who sometimes drops games out of nowhere and then vanishes for 2 or 5 or 12 years. Back again ---- to draw for you in exchange for coin from your treasure troves.

I've never made a commission thread on this website before, but here I am. Freshly released from the shackles of retail and ready to go. Don't know who I am; that's cool, neither do I. Here's something quick I heard someone else say: Maki has been a member of the RPGmaker community since dinosaurs started using 2k3 to make fangames of their favourite manga. Since then, she's drawn a lot and made some stuff including: Castle Chase, Halloween Flop/Bash, and April was a Fool.

Now, onto the art!

Here is the basicinformation for illustrations. All prices are listed in USD.

For more details head over to Twitter.

I have plenty of experience working with various versions of RPGmaker and doing art for Renpy games. Here are some more specifics for art aimed towards those things.


All facesets come with 3 basic expressions: Neutral, Smile, and Frown. Extra expressions can be purchased. Files will be drawn at around 500x500 and you will receive both the fullsized images and if you are using RPGmaker, I will format the graphics into the image sheets you require.

Fullsized Style - $35 per Pose
Chibi Style - $20 per Pose
Additional Expressions: $5 each


All busts come with 3 basic expressions: Neutral, Smile, and Frown. Extra expressions can be purchased. Files will be drawn at around double the in game size (unless your resolution is something shocking) and you will receive both the fullsized images and ones resized to fit the dimensions you need.

Fullsized Style - $60 per Pose
Chibi Style - $35 per Pose
Additional Expressions: $5 each


I can do title screens, splash images, promotion art, battle backs - you name it! The basics listed at the top are good guidelines, but feel free to contact me with what you are looking for and we can work out the details and the price.

* You can contact me here on the forum, by PM, or email me at:
* If I'm not responding to a PM on this website, please email me!
* All payments must be handled through paypal
* Half payment will be required up front and the second half of payment required after the sketch is approved
* There are no refunds on completed commissions. Partial refunds may be issued if the work is not complete

* A design fee of $25 will be added if you have no visual references for a character. (Sprites, existing art, photo references, etc bypass this)
* If you have a tight deadline, an extra fee may be charged for a rush job
* Complex designs or props may cost extra
* Things I won't draw: Mecha, NSFW, Fetish Art, Animals (as a large focus, face sets and mascots in promo art are fine)
* I have the right to refuse any commission I am uncomfortable with

* Commissioned artwork may be used in your game and to promote your game
* You must credit MakioKuta in your game or in a readme file with your game if you include my work. If possible, please link to my twitter: @MakioKuta
* If your game is commercial, please let me know ahead of time. I'd like to be credited differently for commercial projects.

* Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask!

* * * * *

Interested? Please keep the following guidelines in mind when you contact me. What sort of commission are you looking for, what size do you need your finished work in, any deadlines you may have, and any references and information you can supply about the character.

Thank you! I look forward to bringing my personal touch to your projects.

Thank You for Voting for Weird and Unfortunate in the Misaos!

Congrats!! So well deserved knowing how much care and work went into this game! <3

Sunken Spire Review

Thanks so much for playing and for taking the time to write a review!! I'm glad you enjoyed the art here and over in WAUTAH and that you had a good time with this game. It was certainly an experience to take this much content and ram it into a month of game development, but we had fun!