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Realm of Legends (ROFL)

Hi kory,
Thanks for your comment and sorry for the delay. As I am still knee-deep into development I have not updated the page in ages. To answer your questions:

1. Yes, its endless. Well you can level from 1 to 99 and continue to play afterwards.

2. Towns are also random, as are bosses. And yes, Im using a formula that will let you encounter a boss or town (as well as npcs, treasures, traps, side-quests and lots of other stuff) all handled by a formula.

3. (I will start blogging about this soon). Im using HIME Enemy Levels and Enemy Classes. Therefore the monsters will scale according to your party. And there will be the same classes as in your party. So you will encounter Warrior-type Monsters, Wizard-type monsters, Rogue-type monsters and so on.

4. The very first version of this game (started using 2k3) used a system where pre-generated levels are combined in a random fashion. By switching to VX ACE I was able to modify Saba Kan's Random dungeon generator script in order to proceduraly generate dungeons on the fly. Even towns and overworlds will be randomized, although they look a lot like dungeon.s

Finally: Im thinking about combining random dungeons with pre-generated content to get the best possible result. Im still working on this (currently other parts of the project have priority like the classes and skill system).
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