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[RMVX ACE] Reviving Triple Triad (FF8 Minigame)

Hey guys,
Its been a while since my last post here on RMN, anyways: Im currently messing a bit with Raizen's Triple Triad script. I guess many of you remember the old Triple Triad card-minigame from FF8. Im currently adding the Elemental Rule to Raizen's script and wonder if you have simple ideas how Triple Triad could be improved without changing it into a completely different game?

As the cards have four corners and the numbers are on the top left corner, we still have 3 spaces left to put other stuff. To me it makes sense to use all the available space, it limits the scope and prevents the cards from becoming too cluttered while offering lots of extra design freedom. The elemental rule Im working takes the upper right corner, so we have 2 more left to put numbers/icons to them. Here are some of my ideas that would fill the 2 remaining card corners:

1. Type/Family
In addition to their element, a card could also feature a type (like goblin, angel, demon, undead). Each type would be strong against another type and gain +1 against that type when you place it adjacent to it. For example placing a Angel next to a Demon would increase the Angels touching side by +1. Please note this only counts when you place a card.
The question is if this rule is good enough so that it justifies taking up a whole corner of a card.

2. Special Effect / Ability
My main interest right now. There could be a bunch of special abilities and each card can only have one (or none). This would make the game much more tactical and interesting. The biggest problem is coming up with clever ideas without breaking the design scope of Triple Triad.

For example, if you play a card with the Clairvoyance ability, it would make the cards in your opponents hand visible, just like the open rule had been used (only on your opponent). But Im having trouble inventing other abilities, I would like to see a dozen or so.

3. Places of Power
This is not related to the cards but would be a new rule: In addition to fields that feature an element symbol there could also be power points. A card placed on a power point would gain +1, in addition to any elemental effect that might be there. This would enable a Fire creature placed on a Fire+Power Point space to gain +2 in total. Placing a water creature on a Fire+PowerPoint space would result in +0 (the power point cancels the fire negative effect on the water creature). There would be a maximum of 1-2 power points per game, sometimes also 0.

This rule would be especially interesting when you begin with your opening move: Do you place a card on the PP in order to gain +1 but accept a (possibly) less-optimal location for your card?

4. Bigger Numbers
Finally I would like to increase the number values on the cards a bit. It would limit it to 1-digit numbers (because 2 digits take too much space). But instead of just an A, there would be higher values symbolized by B, C, D, E and so on. Z would be the new A, although I don't think numbers would ever be that high. This just adds a bit more freedom to card design (and the computer would calculate all numbers anyways so there is no hassle with numbers VS. letters).

k, thats all for now. Would be very interested in your feedback guys!

Pseudo Roguelike or true Roguelike in VX Ace?

Hi folks, Im back!
Im working on a roguelike project in VX Ace, using Saba Kans Random Dungeon Generator. I started the project last year and learned a lot about VX Ace until today. I am OK at scripting and think I have what it takes to tackle such a project (for example I modified Saba Kans script so that the mini-map can be toggled on/off and there are tweaks to the dungeon generator itself allowing dungeons with unlimited floors on a single map by re-using the map etc.).

As of now, Im using the standard battle system. There are on-screen touch encounters but then you go to the battle screen and fight using the standard battle system. The same thing is true to all the menus and basic database of the maker. This approach is not really "rogue like" as those games usually have "map screen battles". Scripting this project into a "real" rogue like is lot of additional work. Okay, now here is my question, which path should I choose?

A. A pseudo Roguelike RPG
Using the standard battle system, featuring a party of 4, lots of skills and customization options, tons of items (almost like in an MMO). All done using the default systems and database.

B. A "true" Roguelike
In order to achieve this, I am forced to cut back on the complexity. Pros: Map Screen Battles, Interacting with enemies and objects right on the map etc. Cons: Only 1 Hero (no party), only a few dozen scripted items and skills. Not tons of them.

If you want to know more about the project, you should check out the games page here on RMN (note: the latest blog post is still targeted towards a "pseudo roguelike" approach).

Thanks for any opinion!


[Poll] How often should equipment change?

While working on my project database, this question came up: How often should the equipment of party members change in a standard RPG?

Im not talking about the different types of equipment (like Weapons, Armor etc.) but about the "power levels" of just one equipment type.

Easy example: Lets focus just on Armor. How often should the player find new armor? Of course there are different subtypes of armor with special abilities and such, but basically - armor is (like all equipment) gradually getting better over the course of the game. So, we can say armor comes in various "power levels" - and you encounter new pieces of armor every now and then.

Im asking you to define this "every now and then" - please take a look at the poll option and place your decision - Thanks!

Permanent Balloon in VXAce?

I could need some help on this one. Its not very difficult but i just cannot come up with a suitable solution for the problem:

My game is a roguelike, so all content is randomly generated. there are also randomly generated towns (although they look more like dungeons - but i cannot change that ATM).

So, there wont be house interiors in the game and the shopkeepers will roam the streets instead. I now need a way to mark them as shopkeepers. Otherwise you have to talk to each of them individually - and with many NPCs on the screen this would be annoying.

I thought about some kind of Permanent Balloon graphic shown above their heads (containing shop signs like Blacksmith sign etc.). Attached you find a simple image from my project (its still quite blank as I am testing this). The lady on the lower left sells potions, so there has to be a way to mark her as "potion shop" for the player to easily regocnize.

Any ideas on this? Thanks!

PS: If someone of you is into "Saba Kans Random Dungeon Generator" and tells me how to enter/exit maps without re-generating them. Then I could do shop interiors and the like, this would make things easier (and better). But it would require further steps (and im not soo good at scripting): Place doors on walltiles, place shop signs above doors etc. etc. (my current solution is just the easiest one I could come up with).

Idea to give away: Town Defenders

So I had this crazy idea about a possible VX Ace game that is centered all around battles. This game would feature the slogan "grinding made fun" and implement some addicting elements known from strategy games (kingdom building games etc.).

My hands are currently tied, as I am busy with another project. This idea is open for discussion and available for everyone who likes to give it a try.

I got the idea for "Town Defenders" while looking at Galv's Group Manager Script. The script allows you to divide your party into groups and assign each party member to a group (It also works with more than 4 party members). Here is the script if you are interested:


So, basically the player runs a town of some sort and a party of adventurers. This game features no story or background (but this aspect is open for future development if someone is interested). There are also no quests or anything (again: this could be expaned).

Your town starts with a few buildings at first. Buildings that allow you to buy weapons and armor, healing items and such for your party. To expand your town, you have to build and upgrade new buildings. Then you are able to acquire new items at the shops. There are also some special buildings that let you hire new adventurers. Your party can be quite big, but you can only have a limited number of members in your active group.


Now your town will be constantly attacked by monsters and you can put some of your heroes into the "Defense" group to fight them off. This earns you some money and experience as well.

Everytime you load a savegame and every now and then while you play, there is a chance that a group of random monsters attacks your town. If your defenders fight them off, everything is OK. If not (or if you dont have any defenders) they will steal some of your money and maybe also resources.

Another group is the "Adventuring" group. Heroes put into this group will be able to go dungeon crawling (in the core version of the idea this leads to another random monster encounter). The adventuring groups usually gain more money and EXP, in addition to much more powerful gear and resources.

Finally, there are a few extra groups that care for your town: Building, Crafting and Foraging. In order to build a new building (or upgrade) you have to put heroes into the "Building" group. The available buildings depend on your LVL and resources. Constructing a new building should take some time.

Foraging simply adds more money and resources to your pool. Maybe the different hero classes are able to gather different types of resources and their level determines the amount.

The crafting group is responsible for producing new items like hand-crafted weapons and armor. As well as consumeables like scrolls (one time spells usable by everyone) or potions. The type of produced items could vary with the classes you assign to do this.

A last one: Heroes that get wounded during combat need to rest in order to recover and must be assigned at the Inn to the "Rest" group. They wont be available for other tasks while healing.


Okay, thats all for now. I get like one-thousand ideas per day when I think abot how the concept could be expaned (It reminds me a little bit of a tower defense game in JRPG style). But, i want to keep things realistic and not over-ambitious.

Any thoughts are welcome, feedback, ideas, critique. Maybe someone is interested in giving a idea similar to this a whirl using VX Ace!

Newcomer from Germany & question

Hello RMN community!
My nickname is Malagar, and I am from germany.

I started years ago with rpgmaker2000, went to 2k3 and now finally switched to VXAce. As the german RPGMaker communities are slowly becoming extinct - I decided to switch to RMN instead.

Have been lurking RMN quite some time and seen some great screenshots and art! Would like to become part of this community. I consider myself being quite good using RPGMAKER 2k3 and slowly get some understanding of VXAce (also scripting).

And a question: How do the RMN members see the use of copyrighted artwork? There are so many fangames out there and so many custom games that use sprites from old videogames. What should i do? Go completely RTP, completely custom? (this is impossible) or does the community not mind if I use copyrighted sprites in my project?

-Malagar from Germany
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