Troper... Need to catch up on my Notices...



Prayer of the Faithless is Released

Hmm... As a beta-tester, gotta at least check if things have changed...

Only question is, or Steam... Well, do I even need a Steam Key? Gonna go scratch that itch! ... In three days, so I can stack my purchases nicely in my bills and stuff.

Vindictive Drive 2 under production

Battle Gun Maid-y!

Congrats! Good luck!

mia alacruz fanart

She's all dressed up! Pretty! I wonder if she's blushing for a reason, or just her regular blush... heh.

All dressed up for Aeyr? Mmm?


Was looking up "air" for reasons, saw "Ayr" as a homophone, and realized I dunno how to pronounce Aeyr?

Release date: May 27th

Release date ending on a 7! 7 years of development! Numerical! Good luck!

Prayer of the Faithless Final Trailer

Haha! The lack of context for all the scenes! And even if it's in chronological order, that doesn't mean anything! And even someone who's only played the prologue knows that it's not!

This is hilarious to me, who knows most of everything! Because it's just so vague! Heee!

Music's good. Tense until the cold end! And showing off the creepy enemies!

D is for Dungeon

Finally played this after years due to being inspired by Starbaby.

Still not done. On first boss floor...

Hehe. Babee as the default name. Heh.

Using Violet of Starbaby. Max Brains Grinder.
Okay, that means my Psi Bolt can one-shot Cute Slimes. Useful.

But my basic attack sucks. And I don't think I should've used my Fire Bolt scroll. Probably should've sold it for a summon.

Can't do that, but trials learned that Bats... Err, Winged Rats, don't always flee. Sometimes both of them stay. Freebie item's a great skill though.

Slimes know how to guard? Interesting.
Wow, my 6 Brains, no gear, only let me barely survive two Fresh Zombies...

Wait, wow, so loot stays with me even if I need to take a nap? ... Took me multiple times until I noticed an unexpected opened chest...
The possible slowness of Citizen Snips is really helpful for beating them.

If I wanted to be efficient, I would've ground for tons of Dragon's Breaths to just get as far down as the boss before actually fighting anything.
Guagura or whatever, I guess are Metal Slimes, but they also mean that they're safe for me to encounter.
So, Guard is utterly useless when Solo. Just makes battles take longer.

So, for High Brains characters, fighting against Witch Ghost / Ghost Witches, are the best opponents... They deal least damage. Like, Black Magik can deal 0 damage. wow.

Ghost Witches only have magic? So I can Freebie Item forever after getting 12 Brains and Meditation!

So, best to summon right after a level up because then the summon is of the next level... hm.
Phrasing issues in the intro:
"blood-shed" could be "bloodshed". The box is big enough.

stress was taken > stress had taken

Come closer hero > Come closer, hero


Not sure if the option selection color is too dark compared to the background of the screens.


Aw, peaceful far future!

Happy ship name, Festivus!


"Gerber Quadrant."

Is it...

"Huggies Nebula"

It is! HA!


Meowk! Lol milk.

Owies buh-bye! Never had to use it. Healing station ftw!


Baby sounds when interacting! Nice!


How do I manage to push a teddy bear up to hit the button to turn off the gate?? Space physics means gravity is weak?


So, getting a Pokey-wokey keeps the aliens from auto-damaging me on contact? Very useful.

And killing one costs me some health depending on how difficult they are. Very much a Sandstone feel! Interesting!

Sometimes the weakest take 20 HP, other times 15. Strange? Random? Or dependent on killing the orange guy? Nope, just sorta random. Not too annoying, just need to keep track of numbers.


And strategic alien corpse creation keeps enemies from moving at me...

But trying a pacifist run. Took me so long to find the explosive! I thought I tried interacting with it before. I guess not.

And wow, it's a very plain description. Ominous.


Met-o Jam jams!


And now she looks like the game image! Wow that's big armor. Hehe.


I guess I can't Pacifist this. Gotta kill all the oranges to unlock the path forward, for one thing.

And the boss, but that's it. Don't gotta kill the lowest levels.


Barely any dialogue, all pictoral emotions! Very baby! Nice!


I thought Violet was calling the purple-haired adult in the beginning room mama, and the other was gonna be papa, but no. Ah well.


For the purposes of completeness and knowledge, I'll try that path when you update! Unless the lack of knowledge gets too annoying. Hehe!

Nice! Hah no yer not annoying at all, this is great!

I'll post a changelog when the update is released (and credit you for the fixes you inspired), so you'll get a Notice. Also:

In case you didn't the first time around, pay Droppre (the herbalist) a visit with Wrix, he'll help you out.

Woo! Notices!

I meant I'd play it again, if the need for information burns hot enough that I get impatient, heh. But I have Starbaby, and stuff.

I got the Charm that lets you see hints so I knew to do that thing, but it took my second playthrough to figure out what the hint from that event meant, and that was just because I accidentally went on the right path.


I only found the hidden herbalist after accidentally making my way into the first steps of the invisible path. I thought I'd have to be able to break Skystones to get in, but no.

Thankfully, my save scumming for Chips meant I didn't have to use any of the pricier vendors.

Due to the RNG nature of whether Chips drop, I wonder if it's possible to be softlocked if the RNG hates you enough. Eh, thankfully the game's short, and you don't need that many Chips, so it should be fine.

Helping people is fun and contributes to the game making community! But in more specific things to you... Gonna try your Starbaby!

Supercool, I hope it's entertaining for you! Just a quick bit of fun for a jam, lot's of goobly baby noises :)

I wonder what happened to the file here? That's so weird, I know I uploaded it when I submitted the game. It's up here again, glad you found the itch option.

Yay! Now others can play it and stuff!


Greetings, thanks so much for playing Sandstone!

You're so welcome! I wasn't sure if this was still active and stuff! I guess I thought this was older than it was?

How did the Thiccboots get made in the Alternate path? Aren't we missing an ingredient?

If you choose Wrix, you wait for the lava to cool instead of crossing it right away, which has consequences...

Yeah, but IIRC the message still talks about the boots like they were made?

Since the message says they're destroyed by the hot lava? As if you were actually wearing them?

Weird that the Oryx messages don't occur every time?

I set the Onyx message to play when you smash the one in Act 3 just to make sure players are aware they got one, but left if off on the ones you can smash in Act 4. One one hand they are needed to proceed so are a special smash, on the other I worried I'd annoy players. What are your thoughts?

Well, I only really noticed / got confused because I smashed all / both of the available Act 3 Onyx, instead of just one? Maybe put all Act 4 Onyxes in the Act 4 section?

Is it Oryx or Onyx? Now I'm confused elsewhere too, hehe. Well, a replay will set me straight.

Fell off the tree and survived. Is that all I get out of it? No item?

Yep, the encounter with Wrix in the branches is just for fun, for story. It is slightly different if you choose WaiFoo over Wrix, but either way no item.

For the purposes of completeness and knowledge, I'll try that path when you update! Unless the lack of knowledge gets too annoying. Hehe!

Thanks again for playing and for your great notes! I'm happy that you found a few laughs along the way, and that the adventure was fun enough that you took the time to see it through.

Helping people is fun and contributes to the game making community! But in more specific things to you... Gonna try your Starbaby!

Err... ... Because the RMN page doesn't have a download link for some reason. Well, I have an account, so if you see a name like mine there, you'll know who to message and stuff!

Because baby protags are fun(ny)! Like this other game I also haven't played, "D is for Dungeon"!