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[Request] - Girl in Hood and Cloak Combo, ala Red Riding Hoods... Do they exist?

Planning on a Red Riding Hood-type character, so I'd need a hood and cloak combo.

I've got a copy of MV and VX Ace.

Just asking around to see if anyone knows if such Face, Character, SV Battlers exist?

I tried making one with MV Chara Gen, no dice. The Flowery Bandana doesn't merge with the Cloak at all.

Worst comes to worst, I'll just go with a placeholder. Maybe massive mods to the MV Dark Fantasy sets... Or something.

Just asking if anyone's made one already.

Hu'mon link not appearing in the Spotlight / Hidden Gem section on front page?

Hu'mon link not appearing in the Spotlight / Hidden Gem section on front page?

Presumably because the automatic method isn't handling a title with a apostrophe in it, well?

Creatures bigger than the battle screen, have you seen any?

When looking through this HELP ME COME UP WITH (BIG) CREATURES, I was wondering if anyone remembers seeing battles in RPG Maker games where the enemy was larger than the battle screen...

So, anyone remember any?

Making Pictures from Other Pictures, Legal?

What's the legality of... let's say, getting the eyes from one rip and using them to replace the eyes of another to make a faceset?

And then, what about if you do that for a bust and replace clothing and hair.

Or if you use parts of rips to make a Frankenstein bust, (as in the process, not the monster)...

I'm sure these ideas aren't new, but I can't think of the word(s) for this idea...

EDIT: Remix!!! ... I feel silly, but I'm sure that covers at least the first idea...

Is there aspects of a Ship of Theseus situation here?

Edit 2: Apparently, I'm talking about Frankenspriting...
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