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My name is Malinda. I was born 1978 in Stockholm the capital of Sweden. I currently live in Gothenburg since september 2007.

My newest game is Banana Mist a game that I and my friends created for the Indie Game Maker competiton 2015 and my first RPG Maker Game. Among my other games are Perfect Battle Online a action/strategy game made with C++, and Pilla på Äventyr a maze game made with Game Maker.

I am also author of Trans:IT Swedens and maybe the worlds first comics book about crossdressing with 27 different artist and 1 writer (me).

For more info about me and my different projects please check out my homepage:
Banana Mist
A mysterious yellow mist spread through the kingdom. Can you solve where it comes from?


10/15/2015 05:42 PM
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