I sometimes have been known to be creative and useful. Other times, I've been known to be incontinent and flatulent. It's all a game of chance.



Space Age

Thanks for replying, yeah I finished that section after I started a new game and tried again. It definitely is a bug: it appears that if you don't solve the puzzle in room one (at the last room with the 4 puzzles), that it can't be solved. the buttons stop working i suppose. drove me a little crazy, hah hah.

Also, when you walk through the last door down there, you can't walk back out the way you came for some reason. Probably just a missing transfer event. Unless it's intentional.

All in all, not a bad demo! pretty strong start!

Space Age

digging the game, friend. lots of inspiration obvious from the get go and seems fun. i'm super stuck though: down in the tunnel, with the gang trying to advance further. the fourth puzzle with the switches: switch room #1: i don't get it. does it have something to do with the look-out girl in the middle of the room?
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