Thanks for the comments :)

Nice sense of elevation here. Is this a secret area?

Yep I guess you could say so ^^ An easy to find one :)

Interesting how there's a hole right infront of the entrance to the top right. I wonder how that'll come into play.

Just test it out ;)


Those aren't the best portraits. They're awfully grainy and Cless just downright has a different art style and palette scheme.

Might be the color reduction of the gif ^^ well dunno about cless's artstyle though ^^ I changed his face a little bit anyway... didn't care about this one up til now :) I'll put it on my list of things to do ^^


It was indeed a paint in the *** but somehow it worked out... I guess I already have a more fluid way to do it by now but if it works it works, why change it xD

btw. there's some terrible error in that gif which is still in the game but it's hardly noticable so I kept it the way it is ^^ can you find it?


hey there ^^ The rain is only this way on a part of the dungeon/map while it's more transparent for the other part ^^
Curious why? Why not become a beta tester for my project? Just PN me ;) (You can tell me if its good the way it is then and if you would still change it...)


This animated in game?

Yes ^^ but it's just a mini-game where you can change where you drive to left/middle/right to dodge "things" ;)


I must ask how you achieved such smooth lighting effects. If only RM2k3 could support alpha channels. :(

Well o_O I don't know... I thought mine didn't really look so smooth... but now that you say it... I guess it's because there aren't too many colors in these lighting effects... (P.S. I use PaintShopPro 7 if you wanna know...)
btw. I'd love to have alpha channels too ;) and I even read of this Patch that would give you... unfortunately I use PowerMode2003 so even if there were a Patch I couldn't use it T^T
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