I am one half of Outhouse Studios.
I like to make films, games and comics.
During the day I teach Japanese and during the night I perform as a fire twirler or acrobat when I can get the work.

My favorite genres and styles are: Horror, Sci-fi, Western and fantasy.
The Eyes Of The Forest
A victorian age horror. In an age when Christian dogma and Industry has spread across the world, the old gods of the forest are restless.



Global announcement: Development halted due to technical diffculities

What a tragedy. :(


People on this site are absolutely nuts. Every game that does something cool with image overlays gets serious scorn. And everyone seems to hate sun rays for some reason.

Don't listen to trolls, these screens are spectacular.

The Eyes Of The Forest

Well the link is supposed to take you to rapidshare, where it should automatically start downloading, or maybe you have to click on a download button.

I just checked it out. You should click on the middle one that says "download this file (save this file to your computer)" It has a picture of a computer and a green arrow.

It does look like a shady add but it's just the shitty set up of the rapidshare website. It'll take about an hour unless you have really good internet.

I hope you take the time to get it though.

Thanks for the info, by the way. I've added it to my profile page now ^_^


You've put in some serious work to get that third layer of overlap on the trees.
It's so worth it to have trees that can be tall and impassable though.

The Eyes Of The Forest

Add it to my profile? I thought it was already there.
I've only been on here a month, could you show me what you mean.



Well... I took the photo of the forest from the internet and upped the contrast, lowered the brightness.

I've put my drawing on the top as well obviously...and I think there's a dark ellipse around the outside as well.

So me and and unknowing contributor ^_^ Who I hope does not find out and kill me.

Terminator 2(k3)

This is SO great. Why don't you make some more?

Hell Diary

An interesting visual style.
It seems that snow owl has managed to download it already.


Nicely ripped from wild arms. I love that game. You've put it to good use.