I am one half of Outhouse Studios.
I like to make films, games and comics.
During the day I teach Japanese and during the night I perform as a fire twirler or acrobat when I can get the work.

My favorite genres and styles are: Horror, Sci-fi, Western and fantasy.
The Eyes Of The Forest
A victorian age horror. In an age when Christian dogma and Industry has spread across the world, the old gods of the forest are restless.
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Slightly misleading, more like RTP punk.
  • No Time for Heroes
07/06/2012 09:41 AM
Like patchwork quilt of awesome!
  • The Here and Now of Yesterday
07/05/2012 04:21 PM
Like gumbo! (A little buggy but full of flavour)
  • Dead Host
07/05/2012 03:45 PM
It's an ACTION horror, in that order.
  • Resident Evil RPG: The Beginning of the End
06/15/2012 05:30 PM
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