I am one half of Outhouse Studios.
I like to make films, games and comics.
During the day I teach Japanese and during the night I perform as a fire twirler or acrobat when I can get the work.

My favorite genres and styles are: Horror, Sci-fi, Western and fantasy.
The Eyes Of The Forest
A victorian age horror. In an age when Christian dogma and Industry has spread across the world, the old gods of the forest are restless.


Why don't we use EXEs

So I've just signed up for this site and I love it. I've been working with a friend on our rpg maker 2000 project for years and it's really close to being finished. So I joined the community and thought I'd have a look around before we upload our game next month.

I've noticed that no one seems to like uploading the games as self extracting exe's. Everyone just puts their project file up, so you can't play them unless you have all the RPG maker versions. Is there a reason for that?

I mean I wouldn't have to download and install rpg maker XP or 2003 if people exported them.
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