I Would like to write music for your Game

Hi there i heard your music and its very nice. I would be interested in your music. My game is kinda darkish. Its about 2 brothers their mother got killed,and they are trying to find out who and why and fighting for ultimate power.

He, please check your private messages.

I Would like to write music for your Game

-Try a few different genres and blending of genres. Classicial/Orchestral is nice, but how about Symphonic Metal? Maybe Classical Jazz? Experiment with music styles and themes/instruments outside of your 'comfort zone' and you may end up with a unique sound to call your own :)

Thanks for the advice! Tough I have a few symphonic metal songs on my channel. I'll try finding games in progress.

I Would like to write music for your Game

Hello Everyone!

I am a music composer looking for games to score.
All I would like in return is to be credited for my music.

My music so far can be heard on my youtube-channel:

Interested? => Please leave a message ( or mail me )
Also, I'd like to hear what your game is about, and how much of it is already finished.

I'd like to hear from you!
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