Love games.. love retro games.
Um, love anime.. art(though not too good at it)
But yeah~
Not much more to tell lol.


RPG Maker MZ!

FAQ Originally made my Archeia from RPG Maker Web

Frequently Asked Questions
Last Updated: 6/14/2020

Q:Are MV assets compatible?

A:Yes to all asset types. However, some may require some tweaking.

Q:Will we be able to import our RMMV projects to RMMZ?

A:There is currently no public information in regards to this.

Q:Will RMMV plugins work with RMMZ?

A:No they will not. MZ's backend code has changed a lot to provide better performance and new features that some plugin developers will definitely appreciate.

Q:Is it true there are plugin developers that gained early access to create plugins?

A:There are no plugin developers that are given early access for the sake of plugin development. They were given early access for the sake of beta testing. There happens to be JP plugin devs from the MV era working on plugins for MZ. However none of the active EN plugin devs from the MV era are working on them for the official RPG Maker MZ release.

Q:Are there any confirmed new features for RMMZ?

A:Yes. MZ Mapping has Layers now and there is a new System 2 tab. What it contains and how they work remains to be seen.

Q:Can I apply for Early Access?

A:There is no application for Early Access as of the moment. We are unsure if there will be or if it is planned.

Q:Is Yanfly working for KADOKAWA/RPG Maker? Is he coming out of retirement for MZ?

A:No. We also don't know if he's going to make plugins for MZ.

Q:Will there be a Tiled plugin for MZ?

A:There is one planned to be made for MZ. Planned features include rotating and flipping tiles. If the mapping is still not to your liking, we will have it as an option. Please look forward to it.

Q:Will there be a Script Call List for MZ?

A:I'm working on it.


Can you block people in these forums, and if so.. how?

Never mind.. i figured it out.
This thread can be tossed out.
You click a person's name and add to ignore list.

Is there any reason Pixel Game Maker is not talked about here?

Is there any reason Pixel Game Maker is not talked about here?
I've been using it, it's not that bad.. but there's like.. no forums anywhere talking about it... supporting it.
Yes, it's still in early development and an early access, but i've found no forums that wanna talk about it.

Pixel Game Maker MV!!

I hope this is the right section to talk about this.
But I noticed no one was talking about it.
So, it seems we're getting a new maker.
I think it's a successor to IG Maker.

I've been reading lots of articles that state what kinds of games can be made, one such style mentioned was "Sonic the hedgehog" which gives me hope there is a way to make slopes and hills.

I'm mostly just waiting on more information to release this weekend.
Also, I think the only place to buy the software is going to be steam.
Chime in below with your thoughts folks!

[RMMV] Has anyone made a plugin for Swapping Tileset images?

Let me start by saying that if this is the wrong section to ask this, can someone move it?

I realize at one point someone made a script for Ace that allowed literally swapping out the tileset image it's self.. replacing the image.. rather than making multiple tilesets and swapping them to do animating, I was looking for a plugin that let me have ONE tilset with everything set up such as where you can walk and what not, but then swapping the image it's self.
I have a coastline that animates waves, but the way I have to do it now is by making multiple tilsets and swapping them out to make the waves animate, it get's a bit annoying after awhile because if I make simple changes or add graphics to my tiles like a new OW City graphic or something in the B or C, I then have to go back in to each tilset one at a time for the A5..
It's just becoming very annoying and stressing to keep doing that.
So I was hoping by now their might be a plugin that lets me swap the tileset images for a Tilset to do my animations, rather than having 5 slightly different and swapping them in and out, I can just swap the images themselves for the A5 for instance..
It would make the process a lot less annoying.
I have been looking all over, and so far I have not found one.
But I figured something slipped through my fingers.. so I thought I would ask.

How do i post things for people to use? Like graphics or fonts?

I got some random stuff i been working on... was gonna make a game.. but every time i start.. i get discouraged and i end up quitting.

Anyhow.. got some fonts... some music.. some graphics... just all kinds of crap laying about.

How do i go about posting it for others to use?
Like i was gonna post these Final Fantasy fonts i made... they're like the ones that the GBA FF games use.. but they're in a format that can be used in either XP or VX or VX Ace.

They would be great for anyone making a pixelated FF game in any of those.
Also got some other stuff i ripped... then again i think stuff that's ACTUALLY ripped even if it is modded might not be allowed here.. i dunno.

Anyhow.. let me know.

It's all i can do as part of the community.
I'm never gonna finish a game.. my visions for a game are always too grand for me to make.
And i tend to get knocked down a lot of pegs when i try and do anything... it sucks.

So let me know folks... appreciate it.

How do people in the community handle negativity?

I was just wondering how anyone on here or anywhere in the indie game making community or the RPG Maker community handles negativity?
How do you deal with things that set you off?
How do you deal with just.. bad things that come your way during the course of making your game?
Someone calls you some names that cut deep... or they accuse you of something.. or they trash talk your work.
How do you handle any of those things?
I often wonder this, as I can be rather fragile at times, and tend to just want to scream and give up often times when I'm given crap at any point in time.

I dunno if I am alone on this, or if others have dealt with it, and if so.. so they deal with it.. how they handle it.

No longer gonna lurk so much.

okay so i been here awhile... mostly lurking.. commenting now and then but ... ended up in fights and arguments.. gonna try and steer clear from it though, so no worries.
But i want to officially say hello to everyone.. and even explain why i decided to no longer lurk.
The one forum i used to frequent the most.. which will remain nameless.. has recently gone through some changes... changes i'm not thrilled with.. they have become too strict about little things.. and it irks the hell out of me.

So here i am, and i am gonna be here way more, even post info on any game i work on...
Oh and the main thing irking me about my old forum was some new rules that made no sense about being FORCED to comment on images in screen shot threads BEFORE posting your own pics... ugh.. ridiculous.

Anyhow, i'm here now and going to.. start contributing more.
Nice to meet you all, and i hope we get along better than we have thus far when i lurked more and commented less.

New here, saying hi..

New here.. saying hello.
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