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Baclyae Revolution
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Old/Lost RpgMaker Games - SegNin's Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Out of curiosity, I went through the content/games/6337/downloads route, only to find an empty "placeholder.txt" file there. You may have tried as well, but, just in case you didn't, I gave it a go. Sadly, it failed to find any results. ;_;

I'm going through Wabewalker's post as I type, and while TheNecromancer (then Link_2112) had a video LP thread where Bunraku was included, it seems he never actually got the thing to work properly. Gourd_Clae and unity also had LP and/or review threads that included it, but, it doesn't look like they got to Bunraku at all. ;_;

Item Crafting

Player crafting level is 10 (switches 421–431 are ON, and variable 63 = 10).
Item crafting level is 5 (craft switch:426 in item tag).
No chance to skill up in this case.

I don't know how I'd go about comparing a variable to a switch.

I think we might be able to take the previously mentioned loop...
for id in 11 .. 20 do
  unless $game_switches[id]
    $game_switches[id] = true

...and revise it somewhat?

count = 0
for id in 421 .. 431 do
  if $game_switches[id]
    count += 1
if count == 11 && $game_variables[63] == 10
  # All crafting level 10 switches are on, and the crafting level variable is 10.
  # I'm not sure how this is all set up, but, the idea in my head would be to do call a separate script that does a 'case' clause
  # on the item's crafting level, where the 'else' case would be the minimum point at which no skill improvement would occur?

Game-Dev 1 month update! [RMMZ]

The forums really isn't the place for this kind of blog. What you need for this site is a gamepage. As such, I'm inclined to link to the submission rules.

Consider this thread locked. I will add that if you have questions regarding gamepages, you may direct them to Liberty.

Marrend plays The Outer Worlds!

So many side-quests to do out here. I think I we'll visit the location where "Passion Pills" and "The Secret People" are at. Along the way, I couldn't help but to notice some raptidons on the main roads. I manage to sneak past them, but, alas, the quest-marker for "The Secret People" was on the other side of the road. Thankfully, I only needed to fight against three raptidons to clear the way.

At any rate, the quest-marker lead me to the house of one Edgar Mather. Who claims that nobody like Braxton has been around here lately. A young woman upstairs mentioned a man that brought her some kind of candy, but says no more on the subject. Edgar invited me to dinner, which is kinda suspicious to me for some reason. For the sake of curiosity, I hard-save and see if I can't take them up on this offer. The answer is apparently that dinner isn't ready, and that I should go do other stuff first. Not sure what to make of that, or the fact that the door I came in is now locked.

I asked Edgar about that, and apparently, this isn't the first time the door has locked itself. Said something about a "trick" to jimming it open, and would be happy to do it after dinner. So, here I am, apparently stuck in this location until I trigger dinner? Like, the other conversation option I have leads to an option to attack them, but, that doesn't sit right with me either. Something feels wrong. Way wrong.

I load a previous save, before I entered the house. I still technically need to go in there for "The Secret People", but, maybe I'll detour to the "Passion Pills" marker before I try to tackle "The Secret People" again. As it happens, the good doctor has died. Likely due to the raptidons in the area. Still, he had the medicine cabinet keycard on him, so I guess I could get the thing Nyoka was talking about, myself. Though, I am still inclined to inform the nurse of this unfortunate matter.

Damn. That detour wasn't as meaty as I would have liked. Maybe "BOLT with His Name" will prove a better detour?

More raptidons and a person who locked themselves behind the very door I want to open in regards to the side-quest. I don't specifically remember picking up the key to that door, but, I apparently had it anyway. Well, that's two down, then!

Saved again outside the house for "The Secret People" because I don't trust that house, the people in said house, or that quest. As it happens, I was right to not trust them. Braxton was behind a locked door that I picked open. Well, what was left of him. A leg was cut off at about the knee, and there was a peculiar knife next to him called "Supper Time". This leaves very few doubts as to the nature of their meals.

When they saw that I was tracking blood on the floor, it didn't take long for them to realize I was snooping around where I shouldn't. I suppose they felt they didn't have a choice but to attack me. Though, I suppose having me for dinner was the plan all along. I wonder how many times they have done this? Lock the door behind their victims, trapping them inside, being very generous with their hospitality, only to attack their victim as they fall asleep, becoming their next meal. Well, regardless, they have been stopped.

Next up is "A Family Matter". It's a bit of a trek to the south, passing by a marauder camp or two along the way. Amber Heights is it's own sub-location, so, I tag "The Grimm Tomorrow" instead to see what mess that quest-marker would have me do. The tossball jackets Nell was talking to me about were in a container within a marauder encampment. We'll have to return those to her later. For now, it seems I'll be getting into Amber Heights to, hopefully, resolve "A Family Matter".

It took a bit of convincing on my part to have Tucker go back home. Though, I must admit, though, I was kinda expecting to meet a little boy. The person I met was man of 42 years of age. He's gotta stand up to his mother, and show her he can stand on his own two legs.

This leaves "Space-Crime Continuum" and "The Empty Man" left to do out here, and those are even further south than Amber Heights. I forgot to bring Vicar Max with me, but, I can fast-travel to the Unreliable to party-switch. Besides, I've some equipment management I want to look into, and the Unreliable is the best place to do it.

I eventually find my way to the settlement of Fallbrook. Which is it's own sub-area. "The Empty Man" I've had for longer, so I set my active quest to that. Though, it seems it's also closer than "Space-Crime Continuum", but, that's beside the point!

In any event, "The Empty Man" was pointing me to a person's house. Guy wasn't home, but left a note saying he went gold digging in the north. Looks like the point in question is in this area, so, we'll check it out once we deal with the "Space-Crime Continuum". Which, itself, leads me to a lab in Cascasida, Monarch. The Alta-Vitae gas that Lilya is asking for is there, but, it sounds like there might be a fight or three to get it.

Back on "The Empty Man", it turns out the "scholar" Max was trying to track down was nothing of the sort. Just some smuggler. Max wanted revenge, to take his anger on on the poor fellow, but, I talked him out of it. The quest-marker has moved to somewhere on Scylla, so we'll have to look into that after Monarch.

The regional map indicates that the quest-marker for "Space-Crime Continuum" has moved far to the east of where Fallbrook lies. I'm not quite up for another long trek, and there's a mess of quests to turn in at Stellar Bay, regardless. After I fast-travel there, Max thanks me for stopping him from tearing the smuggler limb from limb. As for the quests that I can turn in at Stellar Bat, and maybe moving "Space-Crime Continuum" forward, that can be for next session!

Content creation (artistic)

How or what yours other projects you suggest i give change?

Games by flowerthief? I tried Idolcraft some time ago, but, the real-time clock didn't sit well with me. I remember giving his other game, A Hint of a Tint a try. That was even longer ago, so I don't quite remember as much. For what it's worth, they are both highly-rated games, averaging four stars with four reviews each.

As it happens, this game also averages four stars, but it's got seven reviews to it's name. To say nothing about the sheer number of downloads it has versus the other games mentioned.

2021 Gaming Diary

Call me crazy, but I randomly picked up Kirby's Dreamland 3 on ZSNES. Before I knew it, I was clearing a bunch of stages with Hearts from doing whatever extra thing the stage was asking. The stages I wasn't getting a Heart from, I eventually looked up a walkthrough for them because, apparently, why not. For what it's worth, my save-state is just before going into Stage 4-6.

I just find this weird because I almost never open ZSNES. Even when I do open it, it's either Shanghai 2, Run Saber, or Power Instinct.

Misaos 2020 - Discussion Topic

Shooty and the Catfish's cast is probably at least 60% animals, if not a little more. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Looking again at the description for "Year of the Hedgehog", it merely states that it is for the best use of, and I quote, "animals/doggos/pets/hedgehogs/lobsters". I think I might have been confusing myself with the similarly named achievement award again, which asks for a significant presence of hedgehogs to count for it.

so is it or is it not a catfish situation?

...and are they shot? XD

What's the population of people who are into rpg maker?

Population relative to what? Even within the indie scene, I feel RPG Maker is very much a niche program that makes niche games. Like, if you're talking about the population of people here, then, yeah, I'm inclined to think our user-base is more likely to use it. If you're talking about game development as a whole, and would include the likes of Squaresoft, Bethesdia, EA, and what-not, then I would have to say hell no, it's not widespread at all.

Marrend plays The Outer Worlds!

Almost right off the bat, I get another side-quest in the form of "The Grimm Tomorrow". There was a sentry near the landing bay that was supposed to get a poster signed by a tossball player of some fame, but, of course, the delivery seems to have been delayed. Seems an innocent enough request to try and track it down, but, we'll see.

The quest-marker for "Space-Crime Continuum" lead me to a dead body. Which isn't good news, but, according to the quest-notes, I can still report to Catherine in Fallbrook to continue the quest. As it happens, the quest-marker for "Space-Crime Continuum" occupies the same location on the region map as "The Empty Man".

"The Grimm Tomorrow", as it turns out, is a wild goose chase. I was informed to talk to Celia in the Monarch Stellar Industries building. Who has directed me to Velma, who manages the warehouse. Who, in turn, directs me to Nell, who has offered more for the poster. Nell, in turn, has proposed that I get her shipment of authentic tossball jerseys from Amber Heights to consider allowing Grimm to have the poster. Yeah, gonna get back to that.

Velma threw "Herrick's Hanidwork" into my lap, which takes me to the local pub/bar. It's also where "Radio Free Monarch" is pointing me towards, but, we can get to that later.

"Herrick's Hanidwork" involves getting people back to work. Which I have some experience in, sadly. I told the worker that Velma threatened to hire SubLight contractors to replace them, but, they believe it is a bluff. That doing so would cause MSI's standing officer/representative, Sanjar, to ultimately disapprove of such a move. I tried going back to Velma to see what she has to say, but, she doesn't seem to want to move.

I know the workers have a stash of bits, and it's supposed to last them a week or two. Velma has heard a rumor of such a stash, and suggests I take it for myself to make them come back to work. I'm sorry, but, no. I'm not going to do that. I'll find your lost worker (another side-quest, "The Secret People"), but not steal a person's hard-earned money. Though, when I did talk to the workers, they told me of a rumor that Velma was taking more than she should. I don't know if "Herrick's Hanidwork" has updated to look into that rumor, but, it's certainly updated to tag the location of the worker's stash. As an aside, there was a conversation option to lie about Velma being fired if the workers didn't go back. However, my reading of them indicates to me that such news might be cause for them to have an extra drink, rather than be a convincing point for them to return.

Anyway, on to "The Secret People"! The quest-marker lead me to a woman who apparently had some kind of dealings with our lost worker. Seems he left town in a village a touch south of Stellar Bay. Which means it might be high-time we leave this town for the greater outdoors. But, I think I should check up with Nyoka first, and actually advance "Radio Free Monarch".

Nyoka is more than a touch drunk. So, if we actually want her to guide us, and I think we do, we'll need to get something to sober her up. The side-quest "Passion Pills" directs us to the dispensary. Perhaps it was a mistake to mention that I was there for Nyoka's behalf, as the substance she requested is an allotted one (of course), and she's met her allotment for the month (of course). It seems I can go about this a few ways. I can try and find the doctor, and convince him to dispense the item, regardless of the allotment. He's apparently in the same outpost/town as "The Secret People". There is a terminal upstairs that I might be able to hack into to increase the amount of Nyoka's allotment. Another method seems to be to steal from the medical supply cabinet, of which both the doctor and the front desk nurse have a key to.

If I go and find the doctor, I feel it's likely he'll have a side-mission for me to do. Even if he doesn't, it might still be more XP to go that route, as there might be more conversation options that I can use Medicine and/or Science on. Both of which have a rating of 50.

Two more side-quests grab my attention. One is from a mother, whose son has run away ("A Family Matter"). The other is a janitor that saw a dead body while cleaning the apartments (leads to "The Stainless Steel Rat"). Dariggaz, the sheer number of side-questing I've done, or uncovered, in this place is on par with Denerim in Dragon Age Origins and/or the Citadel of Mass Effect.

While "A Family Matter" would have us go outside, "The Stainless Steel Rat" seems to be mostly here. The man who was killed was apparently accumulating debt from gambling on tossball games. I found a suitcase in his room, and kinda suggested to me that he might have tried leaving town before the debtors got to him, but, alas, he was too late. He frequented Nell's establishment enough for her to point me to some people that make deliveries for the warehouse, and tend to spend off-hours in the alley behind the Yacht Club. They acted like thugs, and I can't seem to convince them not to attack me after mentioning Issac (the dead guy). They sort of admit to killing Issac before they attacked me, but, they're right in that I don't have any hard evidence pointing to them, specifically. The evidence I do have is circumstantial at best, but, the fact that they attacked me to "tie up loose ends" kinda closes the case for me.

Talking to Sanjar does, eventually, complete "The Stainless Steel Rat", but, of course, I get "BOLT with His Name" to replace it. There's still a mess of quest-markers in-town, but, I think it really is high-time to hoof it outdoors. What awaits me there, however, will be for next session!