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Revolution updated!

Download updated! This build includes...

Windowskin swapping
...has been included. As noted in this post, players can either use the System menu option, or talk to Davin to switch windowskins.

Monster re-balancing
...has been applied. Experience and gold awards have been slightly improved. Also, I swapped the available encounters in Blils Wood and Gilix Heights. Levels (and stats) have been adjusted to critters now found in Glikx Heights, and also for critters found in Wal Pinnacle, Klird Timberland, and Trygh Forest. Generally, these adjustments were on the downside. However, I will note that critters now found on Glikx Heights have been adjusted upwards.
The Glikx adjustment was to make Vapleissau, as an area, less attractive to go to, and as more of the end-game location it is supposed to be. However, when the time comes (ie: when I get a story in here), I will put some kind of barrier in Glikx Hights to prevent players from going to Paltron Citadel and/or Trygh Forest before the story would allow it.

More bugs?
I am somewhat aware of a bug concerning Unites. I'm pretty sure it has to do with cancelling a Unite command while the skill-selection window is open. Apparently, after doing that, then attempting to use the Rune command, will bring up the available Rune slots of another member of the Unite? I'm not exactly sure what could cause that!
Other bugs may exist elsewhere in this mess game. Please, let me know about them, if you find them!

[RMVX ACE] Transparency issues during player transfer

Well, I dunno if this is exactly the effect you are looking for. However, a possible solution, which I have done for certain cut-scenes, is to Tint Screen to black. Then, set whatever graphical property the player avatar needs to have. What I have done on occasion for cut-scenes is empty the party, and use the player avatar as a "camera". Anyway, I follow with a map transition, then a Tint Screen back to normal. Let the cut-scene do it's thing, Tint Screen to black after it's done. Then, reset the player avatar graphic (or party, or whatever), return to the original map, then Tint Screen back to normal.

Hope this helps?

Entertain me

kentona be like...

RMN be like...

[RMVX ACE] Transparency issues during player transfer

I know you can change transparency as part of a Move Route. However, turning it on, doing the map transition, then turning it off (all in the same event), doesn't sound like what you're looking for?

[RMMV] Skills won't deal any damage

"a.atk * 5 b.def * 1"

I feel like the lack of operator between the 5 and b.def might be half the issue. I think you might mean something like "a.atk*5 - b.def*1"?

Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~

The character I was thinking about wasn't Seira. Seira is still on the ID-listing...

ID 27 = Katanashi Seira {triad2/Noone42, in progress}

...whereas the character I was thinking about has been officially cancelled, and would no longer be on the list. Possibly the explanation as to the gap in ID #30?

Content creation (technical)


:cough:, :cough:
author=Char list
ID 110 = Takahashi Karen {Garage, "Rivalries", unpublished}
ID 111 = Inoue Azami {Garage, "Rivalries", unpublished}



2019 gaming diary

I haven't closed out any of the games from February, and am still playing those. However, I have started a play of Persona 5 just yesterday, so...

Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~

Wonder if there's any yandere or delinquent girl in this game.

I think there was a cancelled character that was supposed to be a yandere at one point? I would call 21 Ways a delinquent, though, it has been quite some time.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Taking a short break from the usual, and playing some of my old RPG Maker games. Sunday was Oracle of Askigaga. Today was Okiku, Star Apprentice.

Okiku may lack the ability to fast-forward text, but, it was still a fun ride. Oracle... well, playing the game wasn't so bad, per say? However, some not-so-fond memories surfaced because of the personal history behind it's making.