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I'm sure a lot of people that work here are too humble or modest to admit it, but they really appreciate the thanks they are given; Myself included. I know that I absolutely melt when someone appreciates my work. I'm sure the other staff members are no different.

Oh, I absolutely agree with this sentiment. People want/like to be praised/recognized, even if they don't want to admit it. Heh, I can imagine kentona saying, "People are shallow like that".

looking for some good J-RPGS with the following

Current feature gaem has this stuff. On front page. Theia

They mention Theia in the opening post. I grant that it's hard to read, though.

an example would be theia

More to the point, I'm going to go ahead, and suggest Luxaren Allure as just a really good game in general, Weird and Unfortunate Things Are Happening for the same reason, and Baclyae Revolution as the self-serving suggestion.

Mafia Guide; Hosting, Suggestions, and Discussion

To be fair, I considered joining the current game, but decided against it because of the possibility of having a mental/emotional breakdown. I remember Cheesecake Mafia, and refuse, absolutely refuse, to go through that again ;_;

For what it's worth, I can't help but to feel sorry for Atiya, Muffle, and YM, but somewhat more sorry for Jeroen.

RMN's Favourite RM Games of All Time List (2019 Edition)

Luxaren AllureVX Aceunity
Weird and Unfortunate Things are HappeningVX Aceunity, MakioKuta, Roden, Sooz, JosephSeraph
Remnants of IsolationVX Aceunity, Red_Nova, Sooz
Prayer of the FaithlessVX AceRed_Nova
Romancing WalkerTsuKFlare
RUIN FRONTIERVX AceAethers, Ocean, JIHAUS, Fomar0153
AetherionVXAnaryu, Krisanna, Solitayre, Happy
Final Fantasy vs. Dog2K3LordBlueRouge, hedge1
Soul SunderVX AceRed_Nova
★Witchworks★VX AceRhyme

Calling all testers!

The only two recruits I am missing are Niku and Yasoui.
Niku keeps saying something about a contract.

I'll quote my own recruits page on this matter.

  • Niku, Yasui
Found in: Wal Pinnacle
After you are sent to Wal Pinnacle for a second time, find Niku on the east side-cliff of Wal. You will need 100,000 Geld-Pasil before she presents you the opportunity to recruit her. Pay up, and she'll join you, along with Yasui. They make up the "Ninjistu" Unite.

There was mention about breaking the army into smaller armies,but, I haven't figured that out, yet.

Hans mentions dividing the army into three separate units when you take the Imperial Palace. This is a reference to the war-battle system (feature?) of the game, and how you can select which unit to place at the front line. I probably considered allowing players to customize, or otherwise rearrange war-battle units. However, in the end, I decided on what original Suikoden did, and have units hard-coded with who they included.

I will probably put my save in the new version.

Transferring the save file from old version to new should be okay. I think? Still, let me know if something odd comes up. Thanks again for playing, and for the comments!

oddRABBIT graduated!

Let's give Odd a round of applause!

*claps in a circle*

What are you thinking about right now?

I was somehow under the impression that it was geodude that designed the tess, and gave it that name randomly?

Swear I even read that somewhere on the forums, but, heavens forbid I can recall where. Or, my memory is playing tricks on me. That could be a thing.

*Edit: From this thread:
Jesus, people are accumulating a shitload of Achievements.
Are they going to stick after the event? It's going to turn the "Top 10 Achievers" list on it's head.
yeah didnt quite think that one through...oh well.

And it is called Tess because way back when geodude sent me the original design for the RMNv4 site mockup the logo was called tess.png and I've stuck with it ever since. So no real good reason.

Hello World ;)

Welcome to RMN! Share your creativity with us!

I wholeheartedly approve of this message.

[Poll] Pick Your Poison (RMN Birthday Pre-Vote)

I kinda like the idea behind "3+3+3+3". It might even be slightly better than "3+3+3"?

In other news, today's my brithday!

Thanks for the support, everyone! For that, you will suffer hugs!

Er, I didn't actually mean "suffer" literally. Let's try that again.