Every so often, I feel like I should/could rebuild Uchioniko. I have the technology. It would be better. Stronger. Faster. Smarter.


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Guardian of the Description Thread
That aside, I had this funny inkling to play Arbiters today. I must admit, I considered calling it quits when I hit Ancient Tower, but, I did manage to finish the thing in about 3 and 1/2 hours.

I seem to recall intending for players to gain about 10 levels per dungeon. Which is certainly more do-able in the early stages. Like, my first fight jumped me from 1 to 6. However, later on, it takes a lot more fights to achieve that rate, and it just plain isn't fun to do that. Perhaps it used to be fun, but, I've changed in the seven years (it's been that long!?), since it's release.

Looking back, I probably should have spent that time on the Xenogears LP. Oh well.
At this point, Marrend became a God-Level Account.

No one can stop her now.
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