I am the lead man in Obsorber's Productions. You'll see me working on a variety of projects which generally includes graphic novels, novels and games. I have also written 3 lyrics for songs which were composed from my poetry.

Obsorber's Productions is an organisation founded and lead by yours truly often through the Pseudo Name 'Vercificus' for the means of promoting published works of art and fiction.


obsorber Account, contact the Developer Immediately

Where is the DEV or Developer of this site. The one who actually owns the website, its hosting and most likely the founder of its establishment. I want to talk to him directly about my account details which I want to access then remove from your records and system. But the first thing is first, I need to access the account to close whatever connection there are on the site. You need to get the Developer to contact me directly.(Also whoever keeps editing my comments, I am onto you)

If you don't, I am going to have to make this a legal matter as I can't find any way to contact the person who owns this site and am not aware who is in charge. All I have heard since I have been making personal requests is a group of people just talking and making immature references that have nothing to do with anything. I wanted to speak to the Developer, next thing I know I am flooded with childish people who have nothing to do with my request. There are information protocols every website has to follow and your site is not doing it. All you do when an issue is raised is claim the issue has been resolved without resolving anything and then try and make a conversation about it with people who have nothing to do with it. Who is in charge of this site?

My Account

Still waiting to receive an email to my account for the obsorber account. I have instructed it be sent to my personal email for the account and I have waited for an usually long amount of time that it is now starting to get ridiculous.

obsorber, old account

Ok I browsed and was looking for the right section to post this. I need to access my old account and change its details to my new email before removal. This is because of hacking. I have already contacted an Admin. I need my details so I can remove the account properly after I have changed my email addresses on it. This is important and a legal pressing issue, please contact me as soon as possible.

Game Reviewer for Hire

Looking for someone to play and review your game. Then contact me and send me your game's details. As I am busy with my own projects which doesn't just involve game development, I will let you know if I feel I can try your game out and give it a review. I have reviewed quite a few RPG Maker Games before under my initial account as obsorber and I am still in the process of getting round to reviewing a few others. I personally want to review games which have significant progress or at least have something to show. The types of games I am interested in specifically are:
  • Short RPG Games
    Horror Games

[RMVX ACE] Prevent No Weapon

Hello my name is Martimus. I was wondering how you would get the standard equipment system to prevent players from removing a weapon without another weapon to replace it. Basically they will still be able to exchange weapons with other weapons but can't leave the weapon slot empty. This shouldn't be difficult for someone who understands the program. In all my relative games I have pulled this off but I forgot how I did it on RMVX Ace.

Recruiting a Team for Obsorber's Productions

The game is a Sci-Fi Fantasy RPG. Its set in an advanced fictional world on a flat plane referred to as Safehaven. For years Safehaven remains a heaven for its citizens but suddenly fiends get through the firmament, a barrier created to keep monstrous entities and demons out of their world. The story is centralised on the protagonist Quinton, a Combat Specialist of the Kilos Military Organisation sent on a mission to seal all of the dimensional portals located at key points in Safehaven after it ends up in lockdown.
The game should feature an active time animated battlesystem, it will have original soundtracks, graphics, within limits there will be open world play and a junction system that is similar to Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 8's systems. Although so far the development is in the early planning stages. I will most likely also buy a resource pack for the game's tile-sets.

Main Characters
Quinton Strider – the main protagonist of this epic sent on a mission by the Executive of the Kilos Military Organisation after learning of his skills. Although Safehaven is in lockdown, authorized to do so he goes on a journey attempting to seal all the dimensional portals in the plane.

Luceal – An experiment by the Kilos Military in an attempt to unlock the original powers of the Celestials. Luceal ends up being rejected by society often referred to as a winged beast or a monster due to her unnatural eyes and the fact that she has wings much like a Celestial being. Her powers are great, she can read minds and is exceptional in combat. Quinton encounters her when she attempts to flee the organisation and she is suspected of being in the Mavis Cult.

Mestafu Brigayeir – When suddenly fiends threatens Kal, the centre region in Safehaven, Captain Mestafu sends his men to save as many citizens as they can and get rid of them. Once he discovers the source of the problem that an active dimensional portal is located in the city bringing the monsters there in the first place, he asks Quinton a new recruit to assist him in sealing it. Although many of the higher ups disagree as they use alchemy to draw energy from the abyss through the use of dimensional portals which runs their society in the first place, Mestafu doesn’t give a damn. The city is eventually saved and Mestafu would later prove to be a powerful party member on Quinton’s secret mission.

Hey there I am looking for creative individuals to be part of my development team in the game I'm working on called "Safehaven". Preferably, I want members of the team to understand, know of, be aware of or and even have experience in using RPG Maker. I will pay for the works produced by the team as the lead man pushing everyone in the right direction. My role mainly will be to edit the games system and balance it but I will be assisting in some other parts of the development as well. As the lead man, I will review the progress and works produced, setting the tasks and targets. I will also expect the team members individually and possibly in a group to have meetings with me on a messenger where I can discuss what has to be done directly. The positions available include:

Musician - To develop an original soundtrack for the game. I will recommend music for the inspiration of the tracks I want as well. I am willing to pay a reasonable price for each track produced if I feel it is good enough for the game.

Level Designer - Someone to help me construct the maps in the game and develop the fictional world the game takes place in. As the game features open world play although story orientated, it will require lot of maps to be created where the player gets to roam on their adventure. I will guide the level designer into moulding the world using paint images as a guide for how the maps should look like. I will also make some of my own maps too.

Script Developer - I could use someone with these skills to help tweak the default system and implement a better one. I could really do with original scripts made solely for the project. The main script wanted is one to add an animated battle-system for the game.

Cut-scene/Event Specialist - A specialist who loves making cut-scenes in games. Someone who can bring the major cut-scenes to life and help me do it. As a person who has experience in making cut-scenes work, I will also assist them as well especially with a script to follow. I also want them to be competent at making events in the game.

Artist - Ok this role isn't as simple as it sounds. I really need the artist to be talented at implementing their art into a project that's a RPG really. They need to be able to make character sprites, battle sprites, tile-sets and other artwork in general such as character portraits. They basically will be responsible for crafting the visuals of the whole game itself.

If you are interested in a role then please contact me here on RMN or you can email me:

If you want to know of the type of projects I work on then please check out my facebook page:


Hey guys I am looking for a creative mapper to create an extremely large Maze map for me please where the game I'm making is set on. The map has to be very large and detailed and resources will be provided. I am using the high fantasy resource pack and would love a mapper to construct a giant maze where the oak town is set in the middle of the maze. If you have watched the film "The Maze Runner" you might have an idea what I am aiming to construct. Although it wouldn't be nearly as complicated.
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