Screenshot Survival 20XX

Is that guy lifting a grandfather clock?

nah it's just an ITEM GET pose because the potion happened to be inside the clock or something.

i suck at making gifs lel

Screenshot Survival 20XX

finally put this project out of its hiatus misery :)

I'm back

i'm still here.
I remember you.
oh I remember

haha jk i missed all of you so much. promise i'm not the same terrible person i used to be anymore. :D

I'm back

welp, i guess most people here won't remember me since this account has been as good as dead since 2012, but i decided to return together with my beloved zeigfried_mcbacon. we made a game for the igmc 2017 but it got disqualified due to general incompetence, but after eleven years of using rm i finally got something done, so yay!

anyhoo, i'm glad to be back and hope not to be as much of a pain as i used to be when i first signed up<3

RPG Maker 2003

[Poll] Internet Browser of Choice

that makes me a hipster. why does the last choice even exist?

What's your Twitter account?

there you go tweets are like poop though. you produce them everyday, but nobody cares about them.

Dumbest Video Game Twists?{Spoilers}

Brave Story
You're not a Traveler, but you'll get your wish granted anyway, but not before saving your gravely ill friend who's being molested by a toad.
It felt like they added that in the last minute to make the game longer :|

Your favourite PSX Games?

(though I do prefer the dreamcast version of puyo puyo 4)

~ Merry Christmas A RMN! ~

merry christmas godless peeps, i hope you have fun with your undeserved presents