Redeeming Legacy

I think I'll give this a shot and whip up a review. How long would you say does it take to complete this game?

Progress is progress!

That, in itself, is something of a snag, as I'm still not quite sure what the proper rewards for doing them are.
How about counting all completed sidequests at the end of each chapter and handing out a special reward (money, super-awesome weapons, rare items, y'know) based on how many were done? I saw that working in other games (including one I made myself).


this is the best title

post your picture

On the scene

Are the RMXP and RMVX resources compatible? I've noted that there is a lot more RMXP resources out there.
Yes, but you'll need a special resource converter. (except for things like battle animations and pictures)
Also, welcome! Post lots!

Changing your screen name?

Isn't it possible to have some event once a year where everyone can change their username if they want, and all the changes are listed somewhere? I saw this working on another site.

Changing your screen name?

also since nobody has specified what they want their username changed to you should change them all to CLOUD_STRIFE_666



Yay, three frame animations for the win!