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get another username and people might just take you serious


I like it, but you spell it "suspiciously". (-:


In the example in the original post is it more than the box art that has been changed? Because haven't American box art always been horrible?
I haven't played the game myself, but from the screenshots it looks like they altered all art in the game to resemble the cover art. Also, Dudesoft, I approve.


What do you guys feel about making changes to a game based on the culture that they're localizing for? Do you think that keeping the source is your preference or that marketing it to the target audience was a better idea? PS: This is meant universally, not only for this game, it's just a textbook example for Americanization as a whole.


I reeeeeeeeaaaally hope this wins, since it's such an awesome game.


Hey look it's Garret from Golden Sun

Demo Release Date

Chrono Crystals: Final Mix Edition.
Just kidding. Looking forward to trying it out.

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Holy shit, somebody lock this already. This is getting absurd.

Spyro is that you?! New Spyro

After seeing that screenshot my brain can no longer articulate a more fitting response than "what."