i don't care what you think about me. be sure not to get hit by the door on your way out ;-)




Hey look it's Garret from Golden Sun

Demo Release Date

Chrono Crystals: Final Mix Edition.
Just kidding. Looking forward to trying it out.

Game Chill 2009

Holy shit, somebody lock this already. This is getting absurd.

Spyro is that you?! New Spyro

After seeing that screenshot my brain can no longer articulate a more fitting response than "what."

Garnet Lion

Look, NovaForce is back, only this time it's real.


Somehow I thought the mushroom was... something different when I first looked at this.

Putting it down, but perhaps...

Just put the game down and work on something else for a while, motivation is a hard thing to keep up after all.

Mario and the Monster Multipliers

That guy is just here to cause trouble. Just look at his username.


You have a thing for setting places ablaze in your games, don't you?

Does anyone have hobbies these days?

Reading yaoi fanfics Archeia writes.