I'm up to Sedryna's part in the time-skip. terra Deep. I got both Titan and the treasury without using any levers...were they a decoy or did something go wrong?

EDIT: Lord Justin's library, entering and exiting you end up in the wrong square. but it's not really an issue/

The Most Stupidest Game Ever - Re-duh!

Little help, please. Is there a version of the game I can dl that doesn't make it impossible to board the airship or do I need to edit the game myself? (Haven't used rpgmaker in over a decade)

What are some really funny RPG Maker games?

Ok, I made an account because I couldn't believe no one recommended Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle and that needed to be fixed (that no one mentioned it, not that I couldn't believe it...).
You play as 'The Duchess of Elstwhere' who has come for an arranged marriage with the Marquis, Sir Embric, an adventuring hero. Thing is, Embric is out adventuring and no one knows when he'll return. The Duchess takes this oppurtinity to explore and you spend the whole time just wondering around mostly talking to people and looking at things. It's one of those (at least formerly) rare RPGs that focus on character relations and has almost NO combat at all. It's freaking HILARIOUS. My first time playing through I had an almost perpetual smile on my face just from the constant stream of jokes as you interact with things: The Duchess always making funny comments about vases or trees or an empty chest that hasn't been refilled yet by the government branch responsible for dungeon maintenance.
It's a yuri dating-sim rpg saturated with comedy with MANY different endings (but as you complete each one the game continues, going back to your last save. Beware, in order to get ALL endings, you have to be careful because some actions done too early prevent certain endings from being unlocked.
The website,, appears to have been down for a while now, but you can find it on the mirror
Btw, NSFW.
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