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City of Chains
A dystopian sci-fi RPG with choice and consequence




I seem to have missed this, but great job on getting funded. It's good to see this game turning out for the best.

City of Chains

Hi Fanatik007. Sorry about a late reply. The game is out on Steam. Here is its page for anyone interested:

Just Face It! Review

Thank you for the review, Mirak. Sorry to get back so late. Not been on the site for a while. I'm really glad you've enjoyed the game and the humour. :)

You're right about the menu closing after item use. It seems to do that because each item use activates a common event that changes the variable for the stats at the end of each episode.

Harbingers of Woe Review

Hiya. Sorry to get back so late (I've not logged on to this site for a while). Thank you for the review, Lymmet. I really appreciate all the feedback and am pleased you enjoyed the game (I remember you did a video on it in the past, so many thanks for that too). :)

Incitement 3 Review

Hi there. Only just logged in, so apologies about a late reply. Thank you for your review. Your points are all good. I can see what you mean by the story feeling too linear and there not being as much content as first two games. Going to take it all on board. Overall though, glad you liked the game. :)

Incitement 3 Greenlit!

Thanks man. It's very satisfying to see your game get greenlit. :D

Greenlit on Steam!

Thanks loads man. Glad you've enjoyed it. :D

Atonement: Scourge of Time Review

Oh wow, many thanks for your review, man. It's really great to see you enjoyed the story and the characters for the most part. You mention a lot of good points and I'll take them all on board.

I think the idea of me having two separate stories within the same game was crazy and experimental from the very start, since there was a high risk of one not being as good as another, and also a possibility that some players might only play through one of them and hence miss some key parts of the story. But still, I'm glad I did it, and hopefully this dual narrative gave the overall story some flare.

Thanks man. I appreciate the support. :)

Incitement 3

Heya man. Thank you for the comment. This place could certainly use some positive energy. Lol.


Heya Wybella. I've recently had someone ask me about this on Aldorlea forum. Not sure if it was you or another person, but here's the list that I posted on there:

The first one is in Silbaen, in Lite & Dark bar. However, she is only there on the first visit. On return visit she is no longer there (assuming she moved on).
The second one is in Denarian town, in the Medical.
Third one is in Raknar (the first town you get to, the deserty one), in the area near the gates. She only appears on return visit.
Fourth one is in Acdoran. He is standing near Bron. Only appears on return visit.

You get rewards for each individual person you find rather than for all at the end, so even if you missed one, you'll only miss out on 1 item. Hope this helps. :)