20 year old composer/music maker/awesome person from the UK.

I would love to collaborate on any project (doing music of course) so send me a message. Alternatively if I put anything out on here i.e. demos, free songs etc. they're there to use for whatever you want. Just let me know and send me a link to where you used it so I can see and admire the beauty of our things in unity....... Yeah.

I've been composing for myself forever and have recently started exploring other areas of music. Particularly music for media. Big fan of games (read my introduction) and movies. I've already created film trailer music for a friend on his project as well as composed for a local short film which was also played on local TV. Not done anything to do with game yet so I've set my sights on this!
Don't worry I don't charge! Unless it's like super commercial and you make a million pounds and you buy a big house in some faraway place, I'd expect at least a expensive cake in return. (Seriously though, I do this for fun and free but I'm also happy working on something that is being sold.)

Go here to listen to some crappy stuff of mine :3
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