Long-time fan of RPGs of Nintendo and super nintendo and PC games.
I would like to learn programming, design, and eventually make some games here.




I think you have to recruit Fumika(and/or Nanako).One night, she will come in Hiroki's room saying she can't sleep in her room, because she keeps hearing noises, and asks to sleep in your room . O_o
You're on the right track if you see this event, the next event you will go to the basement.Good Luck!


I'm unsure about infinite calendar mode,whether the event shows or not.
Check the basement,(end of dorm hallway)the message will say you need a key.Etsuko will predict one morning about a strange man (in a trenchcoat) having something you'll need(a lighter).Save before you go out to look for him, then use the lighter inside the studio(hint:it's a little chilly in here,where can I start a fire to get warmed up?)
If you've done that already,the dorm mystery will show up late in the game,where the girls think there's a ghost downstairs and you'll have to go down to the basement to investigate.

To unlock the girl the man asks if you're here for a delivery(listen carefully).There is a store just down and to the left. Just purchase what he asked for and deliver it for him and you can talk to her.

Tag-A-Pic thread

Indonesian father let 18-month old baby start smoking.He smoked for 6 months at 2 packs a day(40 cigarettes) before the government put him in rehabilitation. Now he back home and smokes only 15 cigarettes a day. The government will give the family a new car if the child is weined off the cigarettes.

reference(shows other children and teens as well)-

I hope he kicks this bad habit.

Tag-A-Pic thread

mmmmmm, can this be put in the general discussion forum then?also ,the pic should show now.

Tag-A-Pic thread

You can post any picture you want (as long as it's not offensive) for comments or taglines here.

It can be a picture of anything, even a graphic you're making for your project.

World's Largest Coin - Canadian
(220 pounds and over 20 inches wide, auctioning off today)

I was parched when I found this Pepsi machine, and all I had was this canadian coin.
I put it in the coin slot and got this HUGE Pepsi.

......whoa,can't stop shaaakin'


Thaanks everyone!

Manifesto, is Koreatown n. of Azusa? It would be news to me.


I'm looking forward to playing your games Max.(or is it my games?)

ditto for Craze and Rowan.


Heheh..Thanks for the welcomes. yeah, too bad.

Perhaps the site should be renamed RMWN- Would that help? =D

Hi ho!

Welcome fellow gamer!

good games, you can also try games made by Magi or MaxMcGee also.


Thanks, Edchuy! I find that loking at things from a different perspective keeps my interest up, if you can relate to it.(or is that how most people here think?)

My curious side wants to figure out how a game works,usually at first by 'tinkering' around with one or two games, what it can and can't do, and figuring out the mechanics(programming).There are some pretty creative programmers on RMN and I love to add some technical features to a game but I'm new at it, so I'll need some time to learn.

My creative side wants to see if I can make a game interesting for everyone. ;)

I also excel at anything challenging(in my own way), and I don't necessarily crave feedback, but welcome it.

Let's see if I can make a good game for RMN!
(darn, ran out of smileys and exclamations, anyone help?)
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