Long-time fan of RPGs of Nintendo and super nintendo and PC games.
I would like to learn programming, design, and eventually make some games here.


Tag-A-Pic thread

You can post any picture you want (as long as it's not offensive) for comments or taglines here.

It can be a picture of anything, even a graphic you're making for your project.

World's Largest Coin - Canadian
(220 pounds and over 20 inches wide, auctioning off today)

I was parched when I found this Pepsi machine, and all I had was this canadian coin.
I put it in the coin slot and got this HUGE Pepsi.

......whoa,can't stop shaaakin'


Well, this is my first attempt at introducing myself (Hajimemashite, bows)
Btw, I was born and raised in California,but I didn't grow up in an asian community, and I'm just now learning my mom's language. Kanji's not easy to learn.
If you're wondering, my dad was Canadian born(Saskatchewan, not sure where), grew up in Kansas, met mom during his service in the Army(stationed in Tokyo after WWII) and raised a family in California.

There's always been a gaming system in my house, and I've gotten a little bit addicted to games. Atari, NES, SNES, all pre-dating my first computer. Square(soft) and Enix games hooked me into gaming, but I never got interested in online games(not sure why I didn't, maybe I'm not an Egoist or too talkative/shy).I've had some old RPG 2k games for awhile, and would like to learn to make games,RPGs and visual novels
are my favorites.
I'm typing to you on my Gateway Pentium,my first laptop. My older computers are a Dell with winXP (really good), and an E-Machines 1.3GHZ with win98 for older programs and games.Past computers were Tandy multimedia (circa 1984), Commodore 64,CommodoreVIC, Netronics ELF II computer(1st computer)4KB of RAM and a touch keyboard- remember back then, about that time the IMSAI 8080 came out?

I would also like to take some courses online, IT related, since I enjoy computers alot, maybe in repairs or
programming for a new career.

You have a great site here,and I hope to meet some fellow gamers and make some games here as I learn about gamemaking. Nice to meet you all!(Yoroshiku!)
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