Legends Of Illarion 2: Sins Of The Gods

Hello ! I've been through LoI 2 once more !
It's very nice to see the weapons in fights.
The game seems more balanced now, entities fight being much more difficult than regular bosses.
I'm not sure the cooldown on spells is necessary... Anyway...
I was really pleased to see that magic spells don't depend on the weapon anymore.
At the end, though, "fighters" easilly have all their SP spent, whereas casters can't have both all passives abilities and all spells... So unfair !

Difficulty is really enhanced in the dragons fights. Perhaps a bit too much... It was definitly harder than the last boss fight... Indeed the dragons'status effect attacks almost always work. Thus the half merit becomes useless... Perhaps you could lower the success rate or make the accessory a 3/4 merit XD
In the same way, the drain spells never miss, and it's such a pain to have to replenish magic points after each dragon fight ! It looks like Will is completely useless...
On the other hand, it was much more fun...
I don't think you added much to the plot since my last walkthrough. It's ok anyway.

Found a few typos (I wasn't very concentrated on spelling though) :
-Meeting the refugees, Elara says "moving foward", instead of "forward".
-In Oldra's story in old house, Sirani says "somone" instead of "someone".
-Meeting with Apollaron and Artemenia in Lor, the latter says "Apollaron and I were "ambused" instead of "ambushed".

It has been a real pleasure once again. I'll definitly go on a LoI 1 rerun !

Legends Of Illarion 2: Sins Of The Gods

Double post, sorry

Frozen Slumber

Haven't started yet, :D
Thanks for the update !

Frozen Slumber

Well... I played them 6 months ago : it's long enough that I want to start again ! I'll start with the 2nd opus : it's easier to finish.

Ok, done with Frozen Slumber.
It's really pleasant ! Great idea to add a link between Petranor and Dyluck !

The gameplay is nice :
- The fights are indeed increasing in difficulty - though never reaching real high...
- Choosing the reward in the chests is a good idea too and makes one plan on further strategy.
- The final fight was perhaps too easy... You could devise something to have the player really earn a victory.

I noted two typoes :
Kuldai (meeting Petranor : Rather, is is the demon (...) who is repsonsible...
-> responsible
Eldan (after last fight) : you will ceast to exist
-> cease

Thanks for your work ! It's always worth playing !

Frozen Slumber

Hello !

I'm back for more ! I'll test that up and send my feedback.
Also downloading Legends of Illarion 1 & 2 new versions...

See you soon !

Umbral Soul

Maybe I'm being dumb, but when I download the game, there is no "game.exe" ; so I can't play it...

Edit : Ok... I just pasted a game.exe from a new project and it seems to work...

Titans Of Illumia

Part 3

Depth access from sand palace
  • Up : The bat doesn't attack on contact
  • Down : The black tiles are passable

  • Down : This square is blocked.

Status effects
  • It looks like Safeguard doesn't protect against instant death anymore. Well... it's useless now...
  • On the other end, I've just seen Gardenia poison and confuse Karena whereas she was wearing a Ribbon... You must have changed something there...

Abyss temple
  • crystal room : the upper floor border tiles are passable and grant access to the lower floor

  • Rewards : many chests hold gem stones. And the mayor segha'an gives us 5 saphires after defeating Oceania... That's ridiculous ! Gem stones are very easy to find from mere rocks, to loot from monsters and can even be bought for the paltry sum of 100 G ! It makes crafting too easy and those rewards quite absurd. Another example is the begging lady in the slums : if you give her 100g, she gives you... a gemstone which costs 100g... What a reward !
    There is a secret cave on the beach, you can open with a bomb : the reward is a gem... 100g for 300g...

Dark Woods
  • crystal room : Gardenia : you should be begging me for to protect => begging me to protect

  • end of quest : fighter's past : big bro : (...) the leader of a crime syndacate is a bit reckess=> syndicate... reckless
  • same: he would've like you => liked

  • when we give the 5 notes, the quest pop-up says "apocolypse" => apocalypse

  • adventurer's past : meeting Elise : so we're aren't => we aren't
  • Leo : we sent a few crewman => crewmen
  • quest advancing : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 of 5 crewman => crewmen

Depth from Jacob's / Swamp
  • Wall missing

Hermit's cave
  • hermit, after defeating Gelghar : there have always been indivduals => individuals

  • Gelghar : before 1st fight : continue to intefere => interfere

  • 1st message : though a long struggle => through

Hunters guild
  • before 1st contract (maybe only during Karena's prologue : the mark board is passable.

  • Jacob cannot use the knight/mage stances if you take him after upgrading the contracts.

Titans Of Illumia

Part 2

Road North of Hopoki
  • The character's sprite can be seen above the top of the bridge while he's below.

  • Passability issue due to grass (I think).

Exploration team Tent
  • SE man : incur it's warth => its

Gulliber's shop
  • Accesories => accessories

  • A square is blocked in the SW corner. It remains blocked after the 1st improvement, IIRC...

  • After spending 20,000 : it pained me to abondon our home => abandon

Mage trial
  • With the nerf of Safeguard, the boss was far too easy : his fire magic dealt 0 dam ; his normal attack 90 dam.

Karena's prologue
  • Slums : lady asking for money : she doesn't take the money we give her, be it 10 or 100 coins.

Dwarves' tent
  • Head dwarf, asking about the depths : in the darkness lurks monsters => lurk

  • Head dwarf tells us we'll be able to buy a better pickaxe, but it has been cancelled, I think...

  • Apothecary : quest giving scholar : 3rd step : diffcult => difficult

  • Cliff access : one to the left, one to the right

Sewer access
  • You used the wrong tile for cracked floor.

Abyss temple
  • Zephyr boots room : the black tiles are passable.

Arcane zealot cave
  • scene : Their objectives will (...) intefere => interfere

Brehzel jail
  • Me and my men => My men and I

  • The Crystal bow can be equiped with a shield.

  • The Death shot can be equiped with a shield.

  • The Saint hood gives +20 intel. Shouldn't it be +20 Spirit ?

  • The Limit charm doesn't replenish LB.

  • The Flame mace grants +30 attack. It should be +15 to be consistent with other staves.

  • The grille in outer town is passable

  • Center house : You might have seen a cloacked creture => creature

  • jails : one tile is strange

  • room before barracks : strange tiles

  • wine cave : strange tiles

  • kitchen : strange tiles

  • hall : the monster has a fixed direction the "roof" tiles are passable.

  • getting out from the front gate, while the guards are still there causes the character to stand on the guard !

Achievement 7
  • You could add a little scene with the hunter spirit... I just don't know why I need to get back to this place to get the achievement...

Icy peak
  • Spirit of the mountain : after the fight, the staff reward has a bow icon.

Dark woods
  • prince Maeron (1st time) : it has been claimed by fowl creatures => fool ?

Aqua cave
  • Spirit of the sea : since I welcomed vistors => visitors

Road to Elfheim
  • delivering parcel : the only way to save ths place => this

  • The stump-like monster doesn't attack on contact.

Hunters guild
  • Tiamat mark : we have no info on it's fighting => its

Dwarven mine
  • When you go to the depths, you don't appear on the right square of the map (in front of the door near the tracks), but much lower.

Brehzel barracks
  • After Alice gets her memories back : in those crucual moments => crucial

  • and aide you in your fight => aid

Mirror realm
  • The spirit of the land shows black pixels when he moves up and right. That one was hard to screen !

Game experience
  • I appreciated the easier access in the western mountains, but it makes the player skip entirely the boulders puzzle. I'd delete the bridge (so that the hunter's cave remains hidden) and change the climbing vines for a rope. This way the player would have to dodge the boulders at least once.

  • I find some battles much easier, others much harder than in my previous play... Strange ! I didn't recall so many monsters' hit could confuse... You should add more accessories to prevent that status ailment - or make it easier to resist.

Titans Of Illumia

Well. I'll post my feedback bit by bit. I'll probably go on a trip for a few days. So I won't be able to test the full game at once.

Part 1

Alice's prologue
  • meeting : you have a stronger resolve then most => than
  • after contract : who wishes to intefere => interfere

Lauriett's prologue
  • He has access to Elfheim ! Maybe it's intended, but it grants access to many quests, items and so on. Not sure it is necessary.
    On the other hand, without that part, Lauriett's prologue would be quite empty... Perhaps you could force the well gathering quest to be done by him, so that he had a little dongeon crawling...
EDIT : I've just realized that every character has access to a fairly big zone, including a town...

  • You can find 2 Saint Staves during his trial

  • Apothecary : me and my husband => my husband and I

Road to Elfheim
  • Farmhouse : a mercant extraordinaire => merchant

  • Gemshop : woman patron : amythests => amethysts
  • Church : after picking the silver bangle, the square is still blocked

Elric prologue
  • Hermit : I suppose you're injuries => your injuries

Mapping, general
  • The walls, in the houses don't have the same height : the backwall is 2 squares high, whereas the inner partition walls are only 1 square high. It looks awkward.

Titans Of Illumia

I think I've missed the gathering quest in Brehzel...
EDIT : Indeed ! I just hadn't seen the character behind his chair !

I was sure I went back to the secret final boss to look for Apocalypse... I must have missed the portal... Shame on me !
EDIT : I thought the paths were straight forward... My bad !

I've started another game with the newest update (v 1.0.14) ! I'll do my best to find every little issue !
Would you rather wait for the end of my test, or have me report the issues as I find them ?
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