RMN Closing Down April 2nd

I have not been immune to such poisonings either. Rather than play protector, I have played favorites. My motivation for betterment was washed away years ago by corporate betrayal. Literally. I've grown bitter and angry towards the community when I should have helped protect it. This I am sorry for and apologize profusely.

Thank you, WIP. And apology accepted. :) Good luck with your future endeavors, whatever they may be!

Lost Legacy: An Animania Story

I just checked it and the main download seems to be working now. I'm not sure what happened. I'll keep a close eye on things, though.

I'm not dead yet!

Nice to see you again too, Kentona.

I'm not dead yet!

Feelin' the love...!

Game Design Process 101: Part IV (The GDD)

Ehhh....real life came and kicked me in the nards. Long story completely unrelated to game making, but let's just say that I have retrenched and focused on more immediate things than articles on game design. I haven't abandoned this place though. I will finish my series if nothing else. Thanks for asking, though.

RPG Intros

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I cannot speak for your game as I have not played it (can't stand the idea of playing a crossover fanfic game), but all you provide is a personal experience, which is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Some of us have been around this community for around 10 years and have seen the successes and failures of tons of games, and, well, guess what? Most have short intros. Long or drab intros tend to be mocked.

Keep in mind that I am arguing this because I know it to be true, not because I am being argumentative; the intro to my released demo is 15 minutes long.

It's really useless to keep debating this point, especially with posts like that. To say that personal experience, as in 'what works for you', is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, discounts the very core of my position in this debate, and therefore makes it impossible for me to continue without becoming argumentative.

Time and time again, I have seen quite a different set of circumstances and standards, and on a scope that extends beyond this community. So the community is old. Ten years old. Twenty years old. That's fine. But what works in this community doesn't necessarily work outside of it. And to think in such a limited way undermines one's personal growth. Again, my opinion.

But I can see that some people (whoever 'some people ' is) want to band together on this against my position (not me personally...never took any of this as an attack). It's quite alright. If short intros is what the community is comfortable with, then that's their prerogative.

It's impossible for me to continue this thread without switching from debating to arguing. I'll step down from this thread before a mob-mentality kicks in, and wish everyone else the best of luck in answering Nobleman Nick's question.


RPG Intros

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It is rather largemungous.

There! That'll hold me over until I can get something more RMNish created.

RPG Intros

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Seconded. (I mean if we really want to compare freakin' epeen here I am sure over the last five years Iron Gaia I has accumulated like 10,000 downloads, going back to the early (well, earlier) days of GW...but still, it only has a couple hundred on RMN while LOST LEGACY: AN ANIMANIA STORY has 1500. And this makes me... :( )

Mmmmm....ago now that I look back at things, that was on the arrogant side for me to whip those numbers out. The point I was trying to prove that I can't possibly be doing something wrong if the game is that popular. I admit I got out of hand and do offer an apology to the community as a whole. No one here is better than anyway else.

On a completed unrelated note, Max...

I just saw your comment about two pages ago about my avatar being too large. Are you referring to the face/emo thingy in my sig? Cause if it's that annoying, I don't mind changing it for the sake of keeping the peace.

EDIT: For typos! And content!

RPG Intros

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If anyone mentions in any way the irony of this post, they will be shot. (Maybe not immediately, but one day. I promise.)

Statement Following Disclaimer:
Seriously, STFU.

-Max McGee

P.S. I think I will review Mayor Anime's game next. If I can actually force myself to play it.

Cute. Well, if you've offering to trade reviews, I've been itching to review Backstage for a while.


An RMN wedding between WIP and Shaboba??? What would the children be like?!?