I'm Jeremiah George. Mostly known as McTricky online, and various places. Music, video games, anime, manga, piano, and blogging anime. Those are my hobbies~ I'm a budding video game musician, and I'm currently doing a Music Production for Media degree course at Ravensbourne.

My style tends to revolve around orchestral instruments and I make a lot of fast-paced music. Nobuo Uematsu is my inspiration for being a video game musician. Yoko Shimomura and Motoi Sakuraba are my musical influences.
Palasiel Quest
Palasiel Quest is a fun, thrilling adventure featuring 5 young people who wind up a long, long way from home!




Nice Bust. Are you doing custom battlebacks too?

Possibly! All the custom artwork is mostly self-funded with some help from Patreon as well. Custom battlebacks isn't one of my priorities at the moment, but maybe somewhere down the line there might be!

Original Soundtrack


Screenshot Survival 20XX

I was messing around with the Show/Move Picture commands and Photoshop the other day, and I ended up making these cool cut-in animations for my game. Inspired by Danganronpa.

CHARACTER SPOTLIGHT: Keon Cetin, the Gunslinger!

Does that mean there will be long-range and short-range physical attack system goin on here?

Not really. It's kinda hard to portray that in a front view battle system. Certain characters have unique hidden perks, that only really get highlighted through dialogue. For example, Ariel's hidden Water absorption passive. Keon's perk is the whole long-range thing which is more of a perk and less of an actual "mechanic".


That looks really cool; neat idea. I'm not sure if you're looking for feedback on the HUD at all, but the black-outlined letters for 'state' are hard to read. Is that intentional?

Not really intentional, just a poor error in judgement on my part and the feedback is greatly appreciated! :)

CHARACTER SPOTLIGHT: Ariel Nino, the Sidekick!

Ah, the person Nolland is talking about isn't Ariel, but it is someone who is in the screenshots. It also happens to be the plot point I'm developing in-game now. XD

And yeah, I'll be putting a preview of Ariel's Advanced Arte on Twitter. I assume you also follow the project on there because that's the only place I've mentioned Advanced Artes. The only reason there's no GIF of Ariel's one here is because I didn't have a GIF prepared while writing this.

CHARACTER SPOTLIGHT: Ariel Nino, the Sidekick!

Speaking of RPG nerd, does she know that she's typecasted into the protagonist's most potential love interest? :P

That actually does get brought up quite early in a skit scene!

Kidding aside, she's Palasiel Rogues' co-leader? they trust her that much despite being technically an outsider, huh?

Yep! She's mostly co-leader in name, while another character/member called Nolland mostly handles the admin side of things. There will be an explanation in her backstory that explains more thoroughly how Ariel got to be where she is now.

Palasiel Quest OST - "For Elise"

I think I'm the only one seeing the video is not embed... (is that even the right way of saying it?)

It should be fixed now!

CHARACTER SPOTLIGHT: Daran Logan, the Protagonist!

What aspect of Palasiel does he find the most interesting and what is the most boring one?

The eclectic and diverse locales and characters.

It's more that he's frustrated at the fact that he also has to deal with the same annoying roadblocks that he's had to deal with in RPGs, such as being blocked by a knee-high fence.

CHARACTER SPOTLIGHT: Daran Logan, the Protagonist!

Quick question: If Daran is not accostumed to turn-based RPG, how does he know that saying "You're not me!" will trigger the doppelganger? :P

It's not that he's not accustomed to them, it's just that he's not keen on them. He's still played his fair share of turn-based RPGs before. XD